Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eye of the beholder

R2 and I went to the eye doctor today, or if you're all fancy-schmancy, the ophthalmologist. It's been a year since our last visit, so you might not remember that our doctor looks like a movie star. It always surprises me. I mean, you expect to see stunning people at your run-of-the-mill 24 hour house of prayer, with awesome hair. But when you go to an eye doctor you kinda expect the scrubby short-haired glass-ed type with the lab coat. This one wears beautiful shiny clothes and has flowing curly blonde hair and a purse of magical toys. Anyways.

Going to appointments with just R2 is always a little strange. I mean, I did it for 6 years before Toby came along, but now I've gotten used to constant input. Constant. So now, to ride for a half hour with no talking in the van, and then around various elevators, up to the clinic where I answer all questions on his behalf, and so on. You'd think I'd enjoy the break from the noise. I tend to talk to him a whole lot, and kinda just keep both sides going.

His prescription from last year was a little strong, so we got a new and reduced one, which is fun because new glasses! I got him some hip little black frames that look pretty cool.

Also today: we got an x-ray of his hand and elbow- to determine bone age. This is ├╝ber cool. He's about to go through some testing to determine if it's a problem that he hasn't grown in a couple of years, and the bone x-ray is the first step. I'm very curious as to how old his body thinks he is....

In other news, Toby has not been hellacious today, and I am feeling a little better. Chicken or the egg, who knows...


  1. when do we get to see a picture of the groovy glasses on him?

  2. so is this doctor a beautiful man, or a beautiful woman?

  3. How is my poor sweet baby boy feeling today? Bless his itty bitty heart..... Poor MOG

  4. Beth- his glasses come in next week, and a picture you shall have
    Crystal- a beautiful woman. Richy was disappointed he missed that appointment

    VKG- he is sick, taking naps. moping. Also, he watched the kids while I went to Walmart. So now he is tired, too.

  5. poor guy had to watch his own children and be sick.. gee

  6. do we know bone age yet?

    have you ever checked out www.emeals.com ?

    This is what Stephanie uses for meal planning and I am fixen to check it out...... for the future feeding of 4 pregos on a budget...

  7. four preggos...

    hmmmm... my mind is thinking....

    #1 Jess
    #2 VG
    #3 not Stephanie....
    #3... G?

    #4... MAMA!!???!!!


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