Thursday, July 16, 2009

She's gone country...

I didn't blog yesterday, FYI. Maybe you are so, so concerned and maybe even freaking out. If so, chill. You are way too invested in this blog, maybe even co-dependent. Now tell me, how did your mother relate to your father? Mmhm.

In other news, I am inspired. I checked out a very heavy load of books from the library about decorating on a budget (or free) and I have gotten a ton of ideas. Like this: (not my window)

So maybe you're like "Uh, no doiky. Bottles on a windowsill are a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate, DUH." If so, you are a little hostile. Snap out of it.

So I went today and bought some bottles from the thrift store and some little decorative things... and I put candles inside my woodburning stove, which looks pretty. It almost helps me forget the mountain of laundry on the couch and the boxes in the garage. Almost.

I also bought this chair, and have been mocked. I don't care... I saw stuff like this in my book, and I WILL learn how to decorate or die trying. Or I will lose interest and give up. Anyways. This chair was $1.98. Yessss.
I have discovered, through my multitudinous books, that I like country. Now at first, I was alarmed, because I do NOT like ruffles, or geese. Or peach and blue. Well, whoda thunk that that is not country? At least not the Country that Country Living ascribes to. So I'm country, y'all.

My next step is getting some cash and a garage sale buddy... and keeping my inspiration.


  1. i like country too....

    but i thinkst more like FRENCH COUNTRY and the like...

  2. a well-placed pretty chair can do a lot for a spot. and besides it's decorative extra seating.


    i'm really excited for you. wish i could be your garage sale buddy.

    happy shopping!

  3. I wanna be your garage sale buddy! Get ya some money girl and off we go, I'll help you spend it up good.

  4. i am very proud of you Jess..... You are fantastic at anything you focus on..

  5. You could paint the chair a bright color and put a new cushion ( which you design and sew!) What a deal! when I come up there we will definitely go to this thrift store of which you have speak. Meow. mama

  6. When I read "geese" I laughed hard because my mom was into geese EVERYTHING for years. Plates, bowls, china set, decorative matching wall hangings, when we were in Conroe. She like country.

  7. shes a little bit country
    & a little bit rock n roll


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  9. if you can google pics of Pamela Anderson's house (at your own risk) it is very country chic. saw it on MTV cribs. lol

    like mama PC said, i think it is french country.

    any how bottles are pretty but i can't handle clutter. I like my house to look like no one lives there. ha ha with the exception of toys around and stuff. i like to see all the base bords and window seals etc..

  10. base boards and window sills....

    i didn't know those existed until recently.... Papa John and I lived in so many apartments, duplexes, houses, trailers, etc since we got married, that i didn't know that they needed cleanin'!!! Then, once we lived at Midway for over a couple of years...I noticed that someone better do some cleaning on those boards and sills...

  11. Cleaning baseboards? What's wrong with you folks?-G

  12. I mean I love yall, but didn't yalls Mamas teach yall better about getting in the tub and reading a good book while the ceiling falls in in the living room?-G

  13. I think we maybe had the same Mama, G.


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