Friday, July 3, 2009

from the new casa grande


better to live on a rooftop, I know.

As I was making this video, the MOG interrupted me and forbade me to continue until more things are set right around here. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow.

So this is what happened since Tuesday. Sheesh, Tuesday was like a lifetime ago. Okay. Tuesday, Richy and his IHOP band took all the big furniture to the new house, and we sat on the floor and slept on mattresses on the floor and ate at McDonald's.

Wednesday, the boys started driving stuff over to the new house and me and Ham stayed (and the wee ones) and cleaned and packed some more, ad infinitum. Then I went to the new house with the little people and started unpacking boxes and never had internet again. Actually, I guess I never went back to the other house. I have a little sad twinge- I hate change but the new house is so exciting.

Oh, and we led worship for ATC Wednesday night and Fascinate 09 yesterday afternoon. In other words, insanity.

So here I am in the new house, with internet, although not wireless yet, so we are dragging around a massive cable to various internetting locales.

This morning, it rained on my skylight. That made me so, so happy, just the sound and the rain washing over - beautiful.

It's going to be a ton of work to assimilate all of our stuff into the house, as most of it is currently in boxes in the garage. Luckily, we have a lot of space to work with.

The thing is, this is a housey house. Like for grownups, with kids, and a lawn and stuff. Very exciting.


  1. jessie baby,
    you lookest tired to me.
    maybe you should get strike up
    a friendship with a nice old
    KC grannie so you can take a
    good nap?

    i love skylights! my old
    house had 2 of them. an awesome
    source of natural, strong, light.

    i am a creature of the light and
    cannot stand dark houses unless
    i am in hibernation mode!

    Send us a video walk around
    virtual tour!

    Love you!

    now, go out there and
    Fascinate A....Gen er A Tion!

  2. daggum cyberchild

    let it be known that Casey
    did not call you Jessie Baby!

  3. your hair is looking su-PERB. good cut... or grow... or whatever it is... :)

  4. yippeeeeee I am so glad that you are all moved out of the ghetto......

    When will we all be able to read a post on how well the dishwasher worked for the first time and how clean it cleaned and how awesome it sounded while it worked.?

    I love you Jessie BABY

  5. did he ever take out the trash? I hear him say no no no


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