Tuesday, June 30, 2009

we begin the migration

I sit here in my relatively comfortable mattresses on the floor. In the new house, I'm getting a bed frame, doggone it. We had this little Japanesey one that sat super low, but in the process of moving multiple times, it died.

As I was writing this, the children went in the kitchen, opened the fridge, and ate raw cookie dough. We like to live on the edge. Sheesh.

We're moving today, kind of. Our last day in the current house is Thursday, but we've been invited to lead worship at Fascinate in addition to our previously scheduled Teen Camp, so that has become our primary focus, and we got permission to start moving stuff over to the other house today.

We will still be sleeping here, unless something changes. So I think the plan is to move all the big stuff today, and all the packed boxes, and leave our mattresses and food and our dish rations. Me and Han are both kinda confused by the plan, so we just nod and smile.

I will miss this little place, but not that much. One thing I will definitely miss is how easy it is to make it pretty. The new house has a lot of potential, but I think it probably needs a bit more foundation and mascara than this place to make it presentable. So.

R2 has double ear infections and strep throat. We're hitting it with amoxicillin, and he seems to be feeling significantly better. As to if the rest of us have or will get strep? I don't know. The pedi just said call if the toddlers show symptoms and she'll call in a script with no visit, which is nice.

Toby is currently playing drums in the closet. We've been trying to give him space he can play alone if he wants to. It's pretty cute, to put it mildly.

So, here we go. Moving. Kinda.


  1. this photo is so wonderful and he looks so happy with his drums..... i know you are excited and I pray for PEACE and energy and productivity and facing it all head on and conquering the challenge before you.....

    MOVING is a blast and I enjoy it so much... new things new space new ideas ....... i am jealous

  2. Just the mention of moving makes me want to disappear to an undisclosed location.

    Toby looks great on the drums.

  3. Hey today is July 1st....... How come you have to wait 12 hours to use your new dishwasher?

  4. Jessica STILL has not used her new DW.....

  5. i do not like moving....

    hey, why no pictures here today from new house?

    are you guys OVER there yet?

    what's up?

    is hannah pitching in, or off in a corner reading a novel and eating malted milk balls??? :-)

  6. Jess, was it Hannah's idea to put Toby in the closet? every house we moved to during J's toddler and childhood, Hannah was putting J in a closet... oh yes! that will make an excellent bedroom for J... the mattress will fit here, we can hang the clothes there, and the toys can be up on that high shelf! he'll be able to reach them...

  7. sure, I know there's not room for a bed in this storage room, but those cabinets can be made into bunk beds if we take the doors off the hinges!!! sure it will work! he'll feel special when we put him in a closet or storage room!

  8. We're going to be neighbors! (sort of)


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