Monday, June 1, 2009

Yes, no, no, YES

We leave for Texas tomorrow. We'll be in town for 6 days, and if you want to take us to lunch or dinner, get your requests in... The MOG will be doing the scheduling because it stresses me out. So you can email, text, twitter, facebook him or (God forbid) call him on his iPhone. 

During that time, I also hope to have a get together/bday party for R2, maybe Saturday night? All are invited. So there you go.

R2's last day of 4th grade was last week, then he had a couple of days off before summer school started. They offer summer school for the special education students, because 2+ months of vacation can really wreak havoc on a special kid's memory, and routine. Kinda like starting all over the next year. So we signed him up.

So today, I dressed him in a happy little summer outfit of shorts and a red shirt (no uniforms! yay) and we packed his lunch and put his Spiderman backpack over his skinny little arms and went out to wait for the bus. Lately, we've been waiting outside because it's so nice out, and there is so much screaming inside our house. See:Brynn

We waited and waited and waited, but the bus never came. R2 went from jumping excitedly to making little frustrated noises, so we went back inside and called the school- and they said he wasn't enrolled!  I argued a little with the lady- I did all the paperwork, blah blah- but no go.

So I tried to explain it to him, but he kept putting his backpack on and standing by the door. Finally I turned on the TV and he went to watch it. I went in the kitchen and took his frozen stuff out of his lunch and started making breakfast and then R1 heard a honk and it was the bus. Grr. 

So we yelled at each other for a while and held the bus and repacked the lunch and put the backpack back on and whew. Summer school is off to a rousing start. Now we'll skip school for a week.


  1. Whew!!! Sounds excitin' over there!!! Glad R2 made it on the bus!!! Happy day!!!

  2. That poor baby..... Get his hopes up and then dash them....and send him to school....up and down.... happy.. disappointed..... and ecstatic.... what a morning.


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