Friday, May 29, 2009

fiction friday- in which i write something fictional


trying something new today- writing a little bit of a story- I hope to add on to it on Fridays, or throw it out and start a new one. Anyways, here's the first little bit.

It hadn’t been a romance made in heaven. In fact, it was more like the funny papers.

“Funny papers? Who says funny papers anymore?”


In fact, it was more like the Cartoon Network.


“No, that’s not what you mean. Say Peanuts.”

“You think we’re like Peanuts? Peanuts is all about unrequited love. Look, look at Charlie Brown and the redheaded girl. Look at Lucy and um, Schroeder.”

“Not Schroeder. Was it? His name was-“


Our story was more like something you’d find in an old newspaper comic, or maybe a Marx brother’s film. Something light and slapsticky- with the occasional surprisingly dark moment, like when Harpo plays the harp and you realize that he is such a deeply sad man.


All that to bring us to today, where I sit in a rumpled hospital bed with fractures scattered around from place to place. The quick version is, I tried to fix my own roof and found out I can’t fly. As to why I tried to fix the roof myself- I’ll let someone else tell that story.


It was a dark and stormy night…


“No, you are not saying that.”

“This is my narrative now, right?”


It was dark and stormy for many reasons. We had dined early, to have more time for arguing. It had been a little stormy for weeks, actually. Once again, we had arrived at that commit-or-bail option in the relationship, which is usually my cue to bail, but I was having second thoughts. I mean, I was considering the big M. I just happened to be considering it inside my head, which is why I got left with two entrees and a good bit of sympathy from all the husbandly-types in adjacent tables.

"Can I just say-"


to be continued... 


  1. wow! i loved reading that!

    more please.

  2. Jess, you are the love of my life. Well, one of them.

    No really. I LOVE you.

  3. Yes you can write...... How bout every day...... on the bottom of your daily post...... ad a few lines of the book.. PLEASE! Only on Fridays will be torture.... that is too too long..

  4. You can write AND you can sing...... lovely and prophetic all out of one little 4ft 10 princess.....

  5. that's 5'1 of hard earned height, vkg....

  6. Very, very good!

    I am a bit confused as to what the words in " " in between the line breaks are. Is that you interjecting your thougths, or the characters conversation?

    If conversation, my 2 cents is just keep it in line and don't seperate with the line breaks.

  7. i love the quote separation. that's probably what made me like it the most. it's like a whole other element to the telling of the story. very tasty to the brain.

  8. hello

    i am on the phone to john's aunt donna mae - and so I'm perusing your blog, but saying "uh huh" to her, bless her heart - but, i did read the part about Ted Dekker books...

    i need to tell you that even the later Ted Dekker books, when you get past the first chapter or two of goriness - end up being very good! i learned one of my best lessons in life after I got to the end of the 4th novel (after the trilogy)... it had to do again with the "books"....

  9. my youtube is ok now.......

    when are you going to reply to the need to know how to MIL email so i can learn how by helping OTHERS?

  10. So, the quotes are conversation. I'll go back and read with that in mind. Either way, good start... keep it up.

  11. you, my friend, are very talented.


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