Friday, May 1, 2009

April 30th


You know what's crazy? Yesterday was the anniversary of my dad's death. 9 years, I think. I forgot it until late at night when I glanced at the date. It's funny, because I have been thinking about it. He had his heart attack on the 26th and then died on the 30th, so I have been mentally cataloging the days, and then here it is and I forget it. Go figure. Luckily, there's no offense in heaven, so I'm sure he's not holding it against me.

I usually write poetry about him on the 30th, but I don't have anything this year- I'll link to some older stuff.
(when I was looking up links, I realized I did the same thing last year- right here in Nashville- let's blame it on Nashville.)
These are sad, but they are funny to me, too, because he was such a joyful character- my memories of him are laughter.

7 years
6 years
May 1st, 2000

We're still in Nashville, have ministry tonight and then leave here Saturday morning for Alabama, with a banjo on my knee.


  1. Just a few weeks ago several of us were standing around laughing and just sharing great memories of your dad! He was awesome!

    Sheesh i think when i pass the stories people will have to share about me will be not quite as nice :0|

    and i think i picked up my sheeeeshes from you... just realized that. ;-)

  2. I think that Brynn must be having a wonderful time hanging out with Mommy on the road, sans brothers. Are you having good bonding time?

  3. we are. I'm afraid she is going to be REALLY spoiled. :)

  4. Last night Mike and I talked about him and I cried again. I like the poetry. Strange that he never met so many of the kids that are here now. Everybody except for R2 on has never met him.


  5. you will have to teach me how to make such a cool fast slide show.... awesome.... I like it and her little tu tu... She won't be spoiled cuz you make her mind... she might be a little more demanding when you get home..... if that is possible..... LOL

    TPC now puts on his on underwear and goes to potty without an audience and runs out to get his deserved applause. This is great!

    I love you Jess and I miss Calvin very much but knowing that he is having a blast and happy and whole and in His presence is a comfort...

    You will see him again.....

    Tobias has learned that the world does NOT come to an end when he has an accident....

    get back on the horse and carry on...

  6. Has Brynn asked where's Toby or Richy? Does she understand she hasn't seen them in days? It's always interesting to see how toddlers think and what they get.

  7. we've talked on video chat several times already, so she doesn't really seem to care :)
    Check out this toby video you wanna go potty, Brynn?

  8. We watched that last night. So adorable!

    Loved his side ways wave at :30.

  9. That is also the official wave of Danish Royalty helloooo

  10. Surrrre, Eva... whatever you say.


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