Thursday, April 30, 2009

oh that cwazy nashville

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Blogging from the iPhone is a real hassle. I plan on using my laptop whenever we have wifi – so don’t fear lame blogs for the next 3 weeks. I feel an obligation to the public to keep it at least somewhat interesting.

The schedule for this tour is packed. We’re out for 19 days, and we play almost every night. Lucky for us, most of these states are like, 3 miles wide, so we can move through them pretty quickly.

So, I have Brynn on the road with me and the Viking has Toby and Richy. The reason I did it this way was because R2 is not doing great with the transistions in and out of school. So I threw some options out there, and Eva threw some options out there, and the best plan was for us to fly her up and keep the boys.

This is my first full tour in several years- since 2004, I think. After the twins died, I went on one more run and then R2 had a bad seizure and I kinda gave up. SO this is restoration for me, some. I’m excited to get to go.

We’re spending a couple of days here in Nashville, playing a couple times but mostly gathering for practice and prayer and prep- for the rest of the trip. Our pals here in N-ville are so great to host us.

Richy and Brynn and I and our new (Kansas City) sound tech Andrew drove from KC, and the rest of the team drove from Texas in a rental van. We’ll drop the old blue van off in Nashville and pick it up to take us back to KC.

Ol Blue is a 1994 15 passenger van that we bought from a pastor that works in Mexico and Texas, and we’ve worked it hard. We’ve also replaced the transmission a couple times. The van has multiple hang-ups, but it’s big and it runs and it can pull the trailer. So we aren’t getting rid of it yet- but we aren’t asking her to make cross-country trips anymore.

So we used to rent vans from PV rental, and now with Blue being old, we’ve started renting them again. So as of tomorrow, my rattled brains and windblown hair will be transferred to a sparkling 2009 15 passenger, maybe even with cupholders. (fingers crossed!)

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