Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You should be glad to have a blog at ALL

I forgot that R2 had a nutritionist appointment today. Luckily, I counted on my lameness and had an iCal email alert set up. So this morning I received an email and could thusly plan. Awesome.

The bummer thing is, that in the month or so since we saw Nutrition last, I have not done most of my homework. (sigh) In my defense, Walmart ordered and then lost the supplement she prescribed, and also I have been pretty busy. Also, I am a bum. So that should count for something. Sheesh.

I hate it when I don't do my work. Usually I can be all like, wassup Doc, I NAILED it. but not so much today. Dangit.

In other news, I am taking Brynn on tour. We need to hit the thrift store and find some more rocker clothes, for both of us.

Lame-ish post today, but it's one of those days that I post early and lame or super-late. To make up for its weakness, I will post this video of Toby and Bean dancing on the table. I heard them dancing and clapping, but I was pretty surprised to find them high atop the kitchen table... had my phone in hand, thus the poor quality video.

late breaking addition: how COOL is this?

from http://www.drudgereport.com


  1. how can no one comment?

    That video is awesome. One of those "I should be scolding you right now, but I have to video you first" moments.

    I took the day off to celebrate Keith 3rd birthday since Shannon's folks where available today. We had a gret time. Keith was SO excited. Hard to beleive 3 years have gone by, but it has been sweet.

  2. Just wrote a letter to Keith a post it on my blog.

  3. ahahahahahahahahahah

    i LOVE this video.


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