Monday, April 6, 2009

blowin this joint


This transmission cut off prematurely while I was recording this at midnight, so I'll just catch you up. Awesome, exhausting week of ministry. I am spiritually very refreshed, and physically zonked. So I will have a very healthy spirit whilst I am trying to stay awake to drive to KC. We are driving the big Radiant van back in addition to our minivan, so Richy and Hannah and I will take shifts, although I am the driving wuss and will take plenty of breaks. We plan on leaving in an hour or so, but the MOG sleeps and we still have to pack. So my faith is weak.

That's all for now. I will probably update during the day.

11:08 Conroe, Texas. This is not going well. We should be in KC by 2010.

2:41 pm Dallas ugh

12:02 am finally reunited with the mog after a day of seperate vehicles. (also reunited with the iPhone)
104 miles to KC. We are gonna sleep goooood. Also, hannah Crouse is a road warrior. Revere her.


  1. bye bye pal... i told your mog to give you a hug from me... LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. lindsey needs to come out of hiding

    silly, tired lindsey

    peek a boo we see you

  3. What's the update on Jessica T's baby?

  4. He is home, and doing well the last time I heard. It's something with his heart that they have to watch.


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