Friday, April 3, 2009

a)forgive us and b) chill out

I went on strike yesterday due to the lousy amount of comments my last post collected. Once I figured out that wasn't going to work, either, I decided to come back. I have an obligation to the public.

Sometimes I think about making my blog public, where it would be searchable by Google. I know it would get a lot of readers... but it's just kinda creepy- not my blog, mind you. My blog is rarely creepy. At least, as far as I can tell. I like my life, mostly. Anyways, I always decide that I already have most of my life and my reproductive history on the internet, and that is public enough. So I keep it private. There is that temptation, though, always lurking.

This has been a hard week for me. Are you looking for some introspection, only, about ME? Okay then.

I didn't really calculate what being here on business would look like. But it is very much a business trip.

When we tour, we usually spend a day and a half or so in one city, sometimes only 24 hours. So any friends or family we want to see there come to the concerts, and then sometimes to dinner late late after the concert and that's it... touch base. That's normal for the road and we're used to it. Where it gets challenging is touching base in a city where ALL our family and friends live. Somebody is going to get shafted, no question.

It stresses me out. I HATE it when anyone is mad at me.

So I have been texting and scheming and planning and driving and trying to make it all fit, and not getting it done. And, as I expected, I have made some people mad and hurt some people. Part of me is like, hey, we're AT WORK, give us a break. The other part of me is like i'msorryi'msorryi'msorryi'msorryi'msorryi'msorryi'msorryi'msorry. Annoying.

So if you got shafted, i'msorry. Also, chill. We're at work.


  1. im not mad at u jess
    but then i dont expect u to call
    easy 4 me

    dont worry bout those who are a bit peaved
    they will soon understand & get over it

    it will all pass

  2. that's a lot of pressure. i hope that those who expected to see you and did not are not too hurt. it's not a fair thing to be hurt about, really... but i guess it's really a compliment - that you have that many people who all feel so close to you that they definitely assume that if you see anyone, it will be them. =)

  3. hi pal!

    for me, i feel joyFULL just to know we are in the same state!!! i love you TONS!!!

  4. Hey honey. I love you and am so glad you have been able to come home for a little bit. I think most of the friends and family are just so glad you are doing what God has called you to do.Do it with joy and an assurance that we are with you. Do it with your heart untroubled about what you may not be able to do.The fact that you are troubled speaks of a deep love for the Body of Christ. Mama

  5. Why is it that the "body" has to make things so difficult for us? I find that the "body" is too quick to judge & holds grudges.

    This ought not to be!

    We should always give one the benefit of the doubt; showing love, mercy & graciousness at all times.

    Where in God's word does it EVER say that we have the right to take offense?!

    "Body" we are to be like Christ!

  6. (jumps off soapbox & walks away hopeful!)

  7. (had to fix a really long run on sentence)

    I feel ya. It was hard when we were there for Christmas 07. I had people calling me daily wondering where I'd be, but we could only fit in a couple group get togethers since we really wanted my family to get to spend quantity time with Keith (and us).

    I didn't really feel bad about it because I knew our first priority was to see my family. I was just sad and wished we could've stayed another week just to hang out.

  8. ha ha that's funny i just left a comment on your face book (before i even read this) about NOT being mad at you.

    GOL-ey jess, you mean you and Rich can't manifest yourselves in more than one place at a time?

    I'm starting to think you should make plans for you bodies after you die ( i know i know Jesus will be back before then ect...)but I'm just saying... if you prematurely die, or are martyred peeps around here might take your bodies and put them in a museum as relics!

    ha ha ha

    ps anonymous who wrote the stuff about the BOC (body of christ): AMEN!

  9. i'm chilled...

    and there is nothing to forgive you for....

    you are a real person - who has only so many minutes in one day...and have 3 children... one husband... a mother and mother-in-law... plus YOU'RE WORKING!

    we understand...

    don't worry about it...


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