Thursday, April 9, 2009

on Chinese ingenuity and maybe I should join the army

Yesterday, every time I started to post, it was time to go somewhere. So it never got done. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. 

I am in the midst of a fast, and one of the things I'm fasting is TV. So I was very productive Tuesday night when Idol was on, as to avoid the devil box. I decided to wash the carseat covers. 

You may not realize this, but we have toddlers and we go on road trips. This = gross. 

So I spent half of my life figuring out how to get cover #1 off, with all the straps and buckles and little stretchy straps and on and on. Cover #2 was done twice as fast, which was still a few years. 

Then yesterday morning I got them out and hung them on the line, and tried to get dressed to go to the Y. But they weren't dry. So wait, wait, wait. "Are we going to the YNBeeCay? Mommy! I wanna goooooo" and "I wan ged VAN!" "CARseeeee!" and so on. Eventually, the covers were dry. Whew. Now we can get on our way.

Then I began the process of attaching the covers to the seats. 

Why is it that someone- China, perhaps- has it in for American parents? Think of the indestructible plastic packaging that comes with toys. Once you manage to hack through the 3 inch plastic shield, potentially losing digits in the process, then you face the tethers of death- iron twist ties affixed to every 1/2 inch section of the desired object. Is this a communist plot to keep us busy so we don't notice... I digress, but not entirely. 

So the carseats. And I am muttering and jabbing my knuckles here and there and everybody is standing in my lap, very, very concerned. "MY carsee!" and such, and sitting down in it and buckling all the straps together and melting down because that IS not their buckle. (they have the same model with different buttons, I accidentally switched seats and Toby figured it out) 

I have a seat flipped upside down and I am trying to pull the straps through, and Brynn's giant head (genetic) is in the way. Because she wants to see. "I CANd SEE!" 

By the time we got them assembled, it was lunchtime. So we took our coupon and went to Ryan's, instead of the Y. 


  1. i missed the part where you should join the army. why should you join the army?

    excellent post, by the way.

  2. What a gang!Mama

  3. yes, lots involved with carseat covers, belts, and securing in car-- Josh just did this for us.. on 2 new seats! yay! I just did a post last night on what we bought and why and photos and videos.

    those who follow me:
    my web address is different now.
    click on my name here and update your list.

  4. i have had the same experience with a car seat. I was really glad when Lacy stole it and left me with the little infant seat that is still rear facing, but only weighs 5 pounds instead of fifteen.

    We just finished the undressing of a high chair and cleaning, Whew! We just went to the thrift store and bought a new cover and poster mounted it on,Whew! much easier! Because of freecycle, we paid a dollar for the chair and new cover. I like freecycle -g


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