Monday, May 4, 2009


Day 2, Anniston Alabama
Drove 4 hours from Nashville to AL. It was a pretty drive, but I am not really a scenery type. Pretty, though.

As soon as we arrived in Anniston, I started soaking up the accents. Oh, I have missed the South. You know how refreshing it is to walk in a room of strangers with a big “Howre y’all doin?” VERY refreshing, that’s how much.

We set up and practiced… that is like a half-sentence that takes 3 or 4 hours. Of course, I am limited in my crew abilities. I end up doing the little jobs like setting up mics and mic stands and plugging stuff in, and moving smaller cases. Oh, and keeping Brynn from getting smashed by massive speakers and such.

We travel with our own lights and sound system… it’s a real advantage to have a uniform setup every night. That sentence is an understatement that could be explained in years. I like to keep it a little more succinct here.

Saturday night, about …. I don’t know, 40-50 people? Kind of a generational gap- teens
and then like late 40’s and older. The pastor was not much older than us, but there were only a couple thirty-somethings as far as I could tell. Unusual range… anyways.

Worship, and then Richy had 4 or 5 prophetic words for people in the audience, and we prayed for people at the altar and wrapped up fairly early (I ♥ 6 pm services and no tear-down) and then they took us out to Logan’s, which is a steakhouse, peanuts on the floor place. And then it hit me. I am in the SOUTH. All the food is going to be awesome. So I had a lot of rolls, and steak. Bean had mac and cheese that she did not want, and my rolls and about half my steak. I love a baby that can eat. Then we went back to the hotel and crashed before midnight which was so awesome.

Sunday morning at the same church, more people. It was a pretty traditional crowd with the suits and ties and such, which was making me a little nervous, but we did our Sunday morning stuff, I Exalt Thee and Banqueting Table and such and they warmed right up to us. Richy told our twin story before he sang one song, and it really broke something in the room --- people usually take perspective after such a sad story and realize no matter what they’re going through- there is a reason to worship. Good stuff.

As I write this, we are heading toward Bradenton Florida. I may die from an overextended bladder. If I do, blame Coke Zero and whoever engineered this neverending freeway.


  1. Eisenhower commissioned the freeway system, but prolly had little to do with the engineering. - $E

  2. hey, you keep mentioning you and the guys and Bean, but never the young lady that tours with you... or, did she really go with???

    perhaps she took off on her own separate tour to the west coast??? with some dark, handsome, song-writer type?

  3. i've been watching the weather and praying for you all....

    lots of rain on that side of the world....

  4. she's here... I refer to her in with "the guys". No tall dark worship leader has snatched her yet...

  5. poor han, one of the guys... poor, poor, han...

  6. I went to Logan's for the first time in Florida a few weeks ago...did you have the cinnamon butter? Yum, yum.


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