Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm thinking today about doing some fiction reviews... my brain is a little tired and I am not feeling terribly creative. (on that note, I am planning on starting some kind of required-writing time for meself to get the ol brain juices flowing- but, another day). Today, I'll just do a rundown of a couple of favorites, but not all of my favorites.

I mainly read Christian fiction. There's a couple secular authors I read, but for the most part I want to read stuff that I can walk away, if not edified, at least not defiled. So I try to keep it clean. 

Ted Dekker was really my favorite for his first couple of books.  He writes sort of thriller/supernatural type books, usually with a little romance thrown in. Blink of An Eye is possibly my favorite, in competition with the Circle Trilogy. There's actually several that were really good, but I want to move on.  Later, he started writing really scary horror-type stuff, and I have tried several times to read them because he is so interesting, but they're just too gross and scary. So.

I LOVE Lisa Samson. She writes deep. I like everything she's written. 
Linda Nichols, yep. 

Lately I've been reading teen novels by Melody Carlson. Now, her grown-up books are great, and for some reason I started reading these young adult series she has been doing- probably because, deep down inside, I'm still a youth pastor. Also, I want to write for young adults, probably. I am really enjoying the Diary of a Teenage Girl series (series is plural and singular, here I mean plural). One of my favorite things about this series is that she has her girls make commitments to God and walk them out- I think that's so important to model for teens, because they are usually set up for failure in books and movies. 

Sometimes, the MOG asks when I am going to stop reading and start writing. It's a good question. I think, very, very soon I am going to find that place- whether it's naptime or late at night- to start putting stuff on paper. Up first- a non-fiction about preemies. Maybe.


  1. May I suggest Karen Kingsbury also if you are into Christian Fiction. Some very deep stuff, practical Christian living.

  2. I think you should write a book about the things you blog about. Jessica you are so funny. Everyday life is a blast and sometimes you sound like Erma Bombeck ..

    Your premie books will definantly help that would be GREAT....

    Have you mentioned to your BFF about the teenage books for her preteens?

  3. thanks for the update on christian fiction, I can always count on you for a good jumpstart on the latest. You turned me on to Ted Dekker and I like you I can't take his later stuff. But I will start looking for this author now and will be reading again


  4. Good plan! Mama

  5. Yep, you need to get to writing sooner than later!


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