Wednesday, May 20, 2009

in which I don't interest you

I have turned over the post-tour new leaf, and have worked out for 3 mornings in a row. I had a VERY good time on tour, eating whatever I wanted and guzzling Cokes, and I got to keep all of the fat! Win-win! So I'm trying to start a positive routine of going to the Y regularly. Ideally, I should go every other day. But I am so aware of my fickle nature that I'm hitting it hard now in case I quit soon. (You'd probably have to be in my head)

Anyways. So that's a productive feeling. Speaking of productivity, the Viking cleaned my house all the way to 11 while we were gone and we have already managed to tump it upside down. Sheesh. We're moving on July the 1st and I need to start getting ready to move, which DOES NOT COMPUTE.

In other news, Toby is potty-trained. He has had an accident or two on my watch, but usually immediately post-nap, which makes sense. I haven't even grasped what this means for me yet. I have been changing 3 diapers since 2/07. One down, one to go, one to not get my hopes up.

Today's post is not terribly interesting, but I think yesterday's was pretty good. So you can read that one for actual enjoyment, and this one for boring news.

Clark, out.


  1. I like your boring news, it helps me from feeling like an underachiever... I aim for gym time everyday and am thrilled if I make it 3x in a week!

    on the potty-training end - w/ the two I nanny for, the bathroom is the 1st stop immediately upon waking/getting sprung from naptime. Definitely cuts down on the accidents... but that's my experience...

    Glad to have had the chance to catch up w/ ya'll during tour. Hope Chris shared the tunes w/ you!

  2. I love you JESS!

    I am so proud of you and the Y!

    Yesterdays post was great...... Sin is sin you are correct.... I just do not like my grandkids idolizing someone with no morals.... I can see how some parents become over protective...

    Steph is having the same issues that she had with the last three pregnancies.... so I took Ruby for a few days... I hope this helps Steph heal.

    Ruby fell asleep in the car on the way home.. I remember what we did with Tobias so I did the same thing.... instead of waking her up.... I pulled up under a shade tree close to the front porch and rolled all the windows down..... she is out like a light... while I take advantage of the great internet connection I have at 3 pm....daily....

  3. any suggestions for internet service in Cut n Shoot?

    I need HELP! Consolidated phone co has been doing the best that they can do for my area.....

    everyday bout 5 internet goes DOWN and slooooow
    till about 3 am or so...... it works great all day long.

  4. potty trained... this now means

    1.go potty before you leave the house

    2.go potty once you make it to your destination(even if it is a dirty crowded walmart bathroom) if you don't you will be RUNNING across the store half way through shopping with either a wet child or a child doing the potty dance.

    3.Go potty before you leave your destination

    4.Go potty once you get home.

    5. carry hand sanitizer, cause face it half the bathroom sink.. your better off NOT washing

    Happy potty-ing

  5. Do you know anyone who needs a Monday - Friday babysitter?


    breakfast, lunch and snack provided 6am - 6pm

    $100 per week per child

  6. trees are cleaner than the majority of public bathrooms too......

  7. I am shocked at how TRASHY parts of tonight's show was..... I know that I am OLD but..... how can this crapola junkola be entertaining?


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