Friday, May 15, 2009

Live from Tennessee

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It's over, folks. Archives at


  1. We're on.

    if you can make it louder would rock. I have ustream volume and my speaker volume ALL the way up and sounds like I have it on only level 3 volume.

  2. nevermind. just tweaked a setting. we're rocking now! woot!

  3. WOW what a great service!

    I like how you move in the prophetic FIRST and then preaching..... I like how good looking the preacher was.... I like how awesome YOUR prophetic singing was tonight...... I like the great songs and the song writer and I like the drumming and the bass and both guitars and piano.... and I like the video guy who blocked my view during "I DELIGHT" I JUST LIKED IT ALL.... seriously . I loved it. Glad I was there.....

    Tobias hurried up and ate all of his dinner so he could drum with you guys.... and then later he shared his drums with Richy. It was sweet.

    I love you guys. Yay RADIANT! GREAT JOB!

    I am sure that most of your meetings have been this powerful, but I have only been able to watch twice. Last time I felt the Holy Spirit coming through my computer....into the kitchen....
    but I lost you during the preaching.. This time I ALMOST caught it all... I was moved to tears.... it was so awesome to see all the team participate in giving words.. YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB.... I know you have worked hard the past 3 weeks and its time to come home... You all need a much deserved rest..... and so does Bedste......

  4. I am so refreshed today... I wonder if it has anything to do with knowing how close mommy and daddy are?



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