Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God loves gay people

I haven't talked much about American Idol much this season, for two reasons... 1) those among you that hate and despise tv and especially the godless title of Idol don't enjoy Idol blogs and 2)I've been media fasting for about 6 weeks, which has been most of the season.

Despite all that, I'm going to talk about it today. It has come down to two contestants, the flamboyantly gay (but not proclaimed) Adam Lambert, and the boy next door, Kris Allen. So here's the deal.

Yeah, Adam is probably gay. The pictures of him kissing men are on the internet, and the gaydar was pinging prior to that. What is bugging me is the way some Christians are making this competition God vs. Gay.

See, God loves people. He hates sin, sure. I don't know if He hates homosexuality more than your garden-variety fornication. And even if He does.... I don't think He loves people who have chosen a gay lifestyle any less than He loves anyone else.

This morning on Christian radio, the DJ was talking about American Idol, and how she was voting for Kris, and Adam is over the top and flamboyant, and she was being pretty vague (play the songs, lady! we don't CARE!) but then she takes a caller, and he says, if you want to know who to vote for, just go youtube Adam Lambert and you'll see what he's about. And then the guy says, and this is a quote, "I would let Kris Allen date my daughter, but I wouldn't let that Adam inside my house." Seriously? And then the DJ says, laughing, "You wouldn't give the guy a cup of water?" and the caller says, "Maybe I'd bring him some water in the yard."

Ugh. I think there might be a Scripture about that whole cup of water thing.

I have struggled even writing this post, because it bothers me so much, and I don't think I'm articulating it well. I'll just say, for me, as the church, I want to have open arms to hurting people. Do people need deliverance? Absolutely. Can we hate them to the cross? Uh, no.


  1. Thanks for bringing this up! I haven't seen this season of Idol, but the supposed "gay vs. God" issue in general concerns me. God hates Adam's sin as much as Kris's and as much as mine.
    At the same time, it is a sign of where our nation is at right now that public sin is not condemned at all.
    May the best voice win!

  2. Preach!

    Hannah W.

  3. Bravo Jess! As one who worked around "the gays" & had many "gay" friends, I feel exactly as you do. As a Christian we cannot "hate" anyone to Christ.

    Many years ago while in hair school I became a Christian. I really didn't think too much about the "gay" factor then, only that everyone needs to know this Jesus I just found. Everyone at school noticed a big change in me. During breaks I would sneak off to a secluded place to read the Word, only to be followed by my "gay" friends. They were so accepting of my new found experience & truly truly happy for me, that they would beg me to read to them from my new Bible. So I read to them on breaks. It got to the point that they looked forward to our break times. It became a Bible study. It was wonderful. And best of all, two of my "gay" friends turned their lives over to Christ. I never had to coax them; beg them; shame them. They did of their own free will.

    It's ashame that the majority of the Christian community doesn't get it.

    But there is Hope!


  4. Also, I have been watching Idol this season and really did not notice much "gay vs not gay" until just this last week.


  5. number one, you preach it. the "christianese" hatred of sinners is wildly against the will of God.

    number two, the gaydar portion of this house only identified Adam as "metrosexual." i didn't think he was gay; i just thought he was uh, colorful.

    number three, i have recently become a fan of kris - without regard to anyone's sexuality - but i think it would be a horrible shame if he wins because viewers are using him to protest homosexuality.

    number four, seriously, preach.

  6. I think you stated yourself very well and could not agree more. The Bilble makes its clear that we are to hate the sin and love the sinner. These kind of things bring out the ugly side of some Christians, all the religious, judgemental garbage. Where is the "love of God" in that radio interaction?

  7. I'm w/ Beth. I didn't even realize. I've only caught a couple of episodes (i've been reserving my guilty pleasure for Dancing w/ the Stars... yay Shawn!) and it didn't even really register...

    then the couple of shows I did see, I favored Kris. He's a little bit country.. I like that, plus Adam totally turned me against him when he BUTCHERED "Ring of Fire." Seriously, Cash is sacred...

    So, I didn't know anything 'bout this whole gay thing 'til your blog. I've been around people who've chosen that lifestyle because they've believed the lie, and those that have been redeemed from it.

    Love them where they are, pray for them to realize truth, be there for them when they have questions. Draw the line w/ the actions...

    And Jess.....


  8. I personally enjoy a good idol show.. not enough to watch it weekly or keep up. but....

    What i don't get is WHY all these "christian" radio stations are even talking about idol anyways? I mean common are they going to play like a virgin, touched for the very first time, Natural woman, or part time lover on there station? NO, then why are they giving a recap on American idol every morning? I mean that is what the show is. people singing songs like that. I personally DO listen to ALL music, even down to day and night, or blame it on the alcohol. So its not like I'm bashing secular music I'm just saying these stations seem a little hypocritical... not gonna play it on your stations but they will sure recap on it daily! seems to be the highlight every morning on christian radio. I mean why don't they start talking about the new season of desperate housewives and Americas next top model?

    I'm just sayin :0)

    Very sad to hear how ugly they are talking about gay people. I mean sheesh if i were gay hearing that would just cause me to desire to RUN to Jesus. cause they sure make him sound so loving!

  9. I concur. They will know we are Christians by our love. Hmmm....

    I voted for Adam - he's amazing!


  10. American Idol = No

    Your take on the issue = Yes!

    Yvonne just got the old hymn stuck in my head. = )

  11. Hmm...well, I for one knew he was gay from the beginning. But that's definitely beside the point.

    I've seen the songs he's done...and well, they all sound the same. Ya, he can do weird things with his voice, but there isn't a whole lot of variety that I've seen so far. If I wanted to see a pterodactyl sing, I'd go to an Adam concert.

    But, whatev. I quickly decided he should lose after what he did to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.

    I worked with many GLT people at Starbucks...it taught me to respect them, they're not freaks, they're not demons, they're just people. They don't think or act any differently than the rest of us. Now, they do tend to not like Christians, and for good reason!

    Sorry guys, we kinda suck. For the most part, we're the most hateful group of people in America. I mean, we've demanded that people not cuss, or drink or talk about inappropriate things around us. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell the lost not to sin because it "offends" you. We teach our children that people with tattoes and that order beer with their dinner are sinners and are bad people. We've taught ourselves to think that a smoker must be in sin, or that that man walking out of the liqour store must need Jesus...

    We expect the government to overturn legislation outlawing prayer in schools, or separation of church and state.

    We really need to get over ourselves. Not stop advancing the kingdom, but not selfishly expecting a lost world to not sin.

    Or something along those lines.

  12. i know you've written another post, which i haven't read yet, but i have to comment on what nate said.....i totally agree. non-believers do non-believer things. Christians are supposed to love them, not fix them. Jesus is supposed to fix them, and He just loves them until they turn over control. now, if someone is in my home, there are rules...but i also don't agree with telling people how to talk around me....or whatever....good word.

  13. i still luv adam.....wish he waznt gay :P

  14. yeah if u love gays...and not beat them up,then maybe they will learn that its stupid to be a guy who likes guys ya know?


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