Thursday, June 18, 2009

cheese, chuck and change

we had R2's belated birthday party at Chuck E Cheese last night. It was just our little family and Daniel and Hannah. I didn't get any pictures of Toby because he was a blur moving from game to game all night.

Fun was had by all the small people. I didn't have that much fun personally, because my kids evidently have sensitive stomachs- I will not elaborate, as I would like to forget.

Anyway, we ate pizza and had cupcakes and used a LOT of tokens and won some little prizes and then we were exhausted and we went home. The end.


  1. The last time R2 had a pizza party the next day his school sent him home and told him not to come back for TWO days-- poor baby

    We kinda missed all the June bdays --R2 10 - Izzy 4 - Max and Madi and Julie n Jade coming up follow up w Mercy and Chuck--

    Happy Birthday !

  2. Love the pictures - so cute! Happy birthday little Richy! :)

  3. oops. That was me (Andrea Amabile).


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