Monday, June 15, 2009


This morning, the MOG and the babies and I went out to run a few errands and discovered we were out of gas. Lucky for us, the Japanese expect stupid Americans to be over-procrastinators. That means when the little digital screen reads ∅, it actually means we have an hour or so left to drive around, forgetting what we are looking for off the freeway.

Anyways, we pulled over to get gas and I went in to pay, because here in the ghetto where we live, the FastPay is not such a practical option. I was standing in line, evidently looking very cute, when a young guy- like early 20's, asks me, "You grown?"

I was like, "What?"

"You a grown woman? You ain't like a child?"

"Uh, yeah," I said, laughing a little nervously. "I'm 30 years old."

"Dang, girl! You look about 17! You gonna have a long, prosperous and beautiful life!"

By this point I am smiling ear to ear and wondering if this guy is some kind of angel.

"Well, hey, thanks!" I said to the guy.

He walked out to his car, telling his friend, "Dang, she looks good!"


Then the clerk guy, a representative of some Middle Eastern country, (I am not savvy enough to know which one), says, "I like you come in here. You always smiling, happy."

I thanked the guy and then when I am leaving, he says, totally sincerely, "God bless you."

For real.

We need each other, don't we? Tell somebody something good today.

(the MOG was like, did you just get hit on? and I don't really think I did. It was just some kind of joyful affirmation- how very fun)


  1. how awesome! i'm smiling ear to ear on your behalf. =D

  2. ha ha ha

    ok jess so your tellin me i should go tell a dude at the gas station, " Dang boy, you be lookin good!"
    or a girl?, " dang girl you be looking good!"

    Roger that! Ill report back tomorrow on the results :0)

  3. Jess that's awesome. Ahahaha. What a great thing to happen. :-D

  4. K I DID IT! So i told the dude, Dang your looking good...I'm not sure how he took it but his WIFE liked it

    :-D She literally said that, "I like this"

  5. how cool of someone to actually pay a compliment :)

  6. i always comment too late
    so you might not get this

    but i have a value that i live
    and anyone who wants to judge
    go ahead

    i affirm beauty wherever i see

    good for that guy!

    he made your day!!!!!1

  7. no worries, kat- I see ALL. :)

  8. Awesome Jess--a couple of big kisses from God! ...........

    I love you-- miss MAC


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