Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday fiction 6/19


This is part of an experimental experimenting with random or continued fiction ideas on fridays. Click here for Part I

Well, there she was, bold as brass, right there on my TV, wearing some slinky evening gown and talking fast Spanish. For a second, I thought maybe I was wrong. But really, if you saw your mama on TV, don't you think you'd know her?

I was so surprised, I nearly dumped my Ramen in my lap.

She looked good, real pretty and her fingernails with little diamonds on em and just talking fast as you can imagine. Some guy was over in the corner, listening to her, looking real suspicious-like. That was no surprise, given Mama's taste in men. She was working hard on convincing him of something, but he wasn't buying it, which if you ask me, was the right choice. Then she starts to crying, and he gets all disgusted and looks out the window, real angry.

After a minute, I stopped watching and started getting mad. She run off and left us. We had been comforting ourselves, me and my brother Jimmy, imagining her dead in some ditch somewhere, with the Buick all smashed up and maybe a note or somethin in there sayin she was on her way back to us. 5 years we'd been waiting.

Instead, she'd been livin high on the hog and here we are just gettin by, living in Grandmas old house and working all the time... tell you what, I was getting pretty steamed by the time Jimmy got home. Course, he was drunk off his gourd and wouldn't listen.

I figured I'd try to have to catch him in the morning, maybe make him some eggs before he left for work, sweeten him up a little. I was gonna need his help bad.

Cause, way I figured it, we were due for a little trip to Mexico.


  1. Ciudad Acuna no doubt..... I am glad that you are continuing on the same story.... I like it Jess.

    You are a gifted procrastinator

    Pack or be packed that is the question.....


  2. You have a very narrow view of thangs as there is a whole lot you jist don't git.Now.. There was good reason for them tears. Julio is another matter. Mama

  3. Just read part 1 and this one. I'm not much for fiction books, but this made me laugh. The Mexico trip could get a little crazy.

  4. I am diggin the story. I am guessing you have had no new blog due to all the packing you put off you gifted procrastinator you.


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