Tuesday, July 21, 2009

in which I try to catch up

Well, it has been a cwazy weekend. What? It's Tuesday? Oops.

Got my hair cut... Friday? I don't remember. Someone I will call "Rocky" managed to refrain from calling me an Irish boy this time. Some lessons are learned the hard way. I like it, and "Rocky" likes it now, as long as I girl it up with the cosmetics and the baubles and idle adornments.

Then I don't remember- it's like a blur. Nate and Matt and Daniel got here Sunday night, and we did stuff, and then all day Monday we practiced, except for the three hours that the septic tried to flood the basement. Then, Radiant led worship at ATC. It was a blast, we were a little tame but still pretty rowdy for these parts. We lead again tonight- in a couple of hours. Also yesterday, we housed 15 missionaries or so and farmed out another 20 something.... good friends from Nashville. It was great to see them, although I was in a sleepy haze.

Oh! and we had a professional photo shoot with Shelley Paulson! It was very very fun- we took my couch out in a field of tall grass and then we sat on it and jumped off of it and did various photograph-y things. I am stoked about getting those pics... they're going to be great.

So I am a slacker on the blogging, but in my defense, I have been having a life. So there you go.


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