Monday, July 6, 2009

I need my STUFF. Only, not.

The thing about moving is, you need your stuff. But not everything. Just a few things out of each box, because everything else doesn't have a place yet, and if you brought it in, it would just sit awkwardly in the middle of everything until a) the MOG threw it away or b) you stop noticing it, and keep your Conroe Tigers Senior beer stein on the counter for a couple of years, maybe eventually putting loose change, guitar picks, and random screws and paper clips in it.  

So we have boxes full of things in the garage, and are currently unpacking 1-2 boxes a day and assimilating their contents into our daily lives. Other boxes are just being ransacked, and having one key item removed, leaving the forsaken remainder staring wistfully from within, packing tape hanging askew. 

I know we'll get most of it done, and then we get to get to the funner part, repainting the "orphanage green" stairwell, and various crafty projects I am envisioning. The reasons I am a little stressed about it are a) we might never unpack it, and our garage will just stay in its fallen state forever  and b) there is a MOUSE.

I know, it was too good to be true. Perfect house, albeit quite a bit quirky on its random assortments of crown molding and various other "special features". The other night, as I sat eating my sad, sad excuse for guacamole from Price Chopper, I saw something dart across the floor. I actually found myself hoping it was a cockroach. I was so alarmed I squealed like a little girl, and then remained frozen on the couch until Han and Richy came home. I tried to break it to them gently.

"I have TERRIBLE news," I explained
(concerned noises)
" We have....a...... MOUSE." 
(laughing at ME noises, explanations of the goodness and friendliness of "mouses")
"Mouses are not bad," Han explained. Imagine my relief.

Lucky for Mighty Mouse, I haven't seen him again. Because if I do, I will break Hannah's little heart and destroy him. 


  1. lol...orphanage green!!

    I agree with ya...mice do NOT belong in the house. They are NOT good and friendly. They poop in your clothes and eat your food. And vice versa. I shreik with you.

  2. I agree. Mice do not belong in the house. I also agree with Han, they are cute. But they can cause damage to wires - caution, they have sharp tiny teeth & they like to chew things.

    Rats are worse.

    You should find a way to chase the mouse(s) out of the house! Then find the hole where they enter & plug it up!

  3. when lisa said "vice versa," i got very confused about which item was vice-versa-ed for a second. i wish i could explain, but i can't stop giggling.

    other than that, anything that poops in my food gets decon.

    sorry han.

  4. Jess OMG!! I was wondering where he was--

    Baby -- all you have to do is a)find a loose outlet cover or a hole in the wall and pour mouse poison in - and Walla! or b)bring him back next time you visit-

  5. yeah.. make sure you get anti-coagulating poison. other wise you might have like 50 cute little dead mouses dead in your walls! not a pleasant smell!

    anti-coagulating poison causes them (sorry Han) to choke on there own blood and they runnnnnnn out of the wall to the out doors trying to get to fresh air. and BOOM they die!

    after the hurricane we had RATS invade our home! (in Texan accent) those suckers spread like wildfire!

  6. how sad... poor mice...

    we had rats in our attic in africa... running around every nite. brian would get so frustrated with them, and use a broom to beat on the ceiling and scare them. he may or may not have caused a few rat heart attacks! (not to mention a new hole or two in the ceiling...)

    we finally got some poison and put it up in the attic. afterwards, when brian went outside and saw dying rats here and there, he felt so bad! he even took one little baby rat some water as it breathed its last breath...

    he's very compassionate towards animals. i hear stories of how he would catch spiders, mosquito hawks, and other random creatures found inside the house, and coax them out the door to freedom.
    funny guy. :)

  7. The only good mouse is one who has departed to mousey heaven. Mama

  8. The poison I use causes them to be thirsty and they run outside searching for water-- one time I asked God to show me if I got them and Enoch brought me a flat dehydrated rodent -- God cares! Mama is right-- the only good mouse is a dead one!

  9. eva your poison sound much less cruel than mine! ;0)

    but ya know when rats take over your home u could care less how they die!

    We went out of town for most of the month after the hurricane and when we came back NO JOKE 12inch rats from head to tail had taken over our home! we put out traps every night and killed at least 2 a night! it was HORRIBLE! they chewed holes through our pantry wall, died under my dishwasher, poo-ed everywhere!

  10. o Crystal I am so sorry............ YUK

    I lived on a farm in Denmark long enough not to be totally grossed out but they are discusting and dirty and do not belong in any house farmhouse or beach house.....

    I saw something out of the corner of my eye at 3am one morning...... so I put out mouse traps and poured a box of my poison in the wall through a loose cable tv plate and have not seen anything. Might have been a dust bunny or nothing more than lack of sleep imagination..... both traps are empty too.... and they are loaded with tempting peanut butter.. better safe than sorry.


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