Wednesday, March 3, 2010

on Miley and her cute pants

Today, I went on a mini-shopping trip, which is pretty typical of me. The problem is, I have a terminal forgetting-stuff disease, even when I have a list. That makes for a lot of starting and stopping throughout the store, like I am attached to a yo-yo. Drive past the cereal aisle YOINK back to the cereal aisle, drive down YOINK back to the milk, and so on. I am probably fascinating to watch as I almost mow down the same ol granny time and again.

All this to say, today I was buying milk & a few little items while getting the oil changed. (don't tell me not to get the oil changed at Walmart, I always will because it's at the same place as the FOOD, even if they kill baby squirrels to make the oil or spit in my gas tank.) So that makes for 30-40 minutes to kill at the Imperialist Empire, which is great because there's a lot of clearance stuff. Primarily Miley Cyrus clearance stuff.

Let me say, I am neither a Miley fan or a Miley hater. She's just a kid and I'm not going to say mean stuff about her. But the clothes... there are TONS of clothes on clearance. Like, for 1 dollar. Why is this? I have a theory. The clothes are pretty distinctive. I like most of them. They're stylized and ruffled and interesting. But, here's the deal. You do NOT want to be the 4th girl in your homeroom wearing a black tank with a purple peacock feather and one shoulder. Not to mention everybody and their mama saw it at Walmart across from the clearance bananas.

Not that I care. Nobody at the library will have the black peasant top with the rainbow threading that I bought for a dollar. And if they do, I'll just be all superior in my head like, they shop at Walmart.


  1. I actually saw the very garment you mentioned this very day at my wm in the Woodlands Texas. It is truly distinctive, very small and cheap. The whole journey aroused apprehension in me for my baby grandaughters who might want to look like mini ladies of the night at 3.Not good.Even if it is a bargain ya know? Pillowcase dresses I say till they are 30! Mama

  2. Jess, you better check yo attitude, girl.

  3. lol Merci likes her clothes too. though i have to say i have gotten several items from the miley collection for her and then we took some sissors to them to MERCI-fy them. Luckily she is still at the age where she doesn't care if we pick up a walmart clothing item here or there. lol

    I bought a pair of Miley jeans cause they were like 6 bucks. and i was very upset to find that i had to jump up about 3 sizes. (no woman likes that) and the miley jeans are not really built for women with a booty...

    Jess they might work perfect for you ;)


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