Monday, March 29, 2010

the little woman

So, we're in the middle-to-endish of this 40 day Daniel fast. If you don't live our torturous lifestyle, I'll tell you- a modified American Daniel fast is usually no meats or sweets. I, being a weenie, am only fasting sweets. The thing is, when you fast something you love, even something small, you really, really want it. And I do. I want thick fudgy brownies and cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream and candy bars. God, send revival to America. Amen.

Couple that with me watching this show Food Revolution and later, Julie and Julia, and it will make perfect sense to you why, last night, I made a pizza from scratch. My first ever. The crust was kinda an oval-rectangle mix, and then it had canned spaghetti sauce (this is supposed to be cost-effective, that's why) and then some shredded colby-jack and a little edge of the mozzarella that wasn't moldy and some fresh garlic and onion and cilantro. As usual, my presentation was questionable but it tasted great. Like, gourmet. I haven't tried any kind of cost breakdown yet, but I know it was less than I expected.

This domestic kick I'm on is primarily focused on the kid-stuff and the cooking. I wonder if I'll ever get a domestic phase that includes cleaning...

My mom was here all weekend, and we had such a good time, although it seemed like she was washing dishes a lot. She also mentioned that we might benefit from a maid. That might sound kinda snarky to you, but I was raised by this lady, and I came by my housekeeping honest, if you catch my drift. I forwarded her suggestion on to Mr. I-could-get-this-place-in-shape-and-potty-train-the-kids-in-45-minutes, but he was skeptical.


  1. well, the acorn, as it were, she rarely fall far from the proverbial tree. Yais? mama


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