Monday, March 15, 2010

Ms. Smartypants straightens it out

Anonymous said...
Could it be that if one older sister has limited hair and the two younger sisters keep doing weird stuff to their hair, Like making it stick up in places and cutting it weird and all kinds of colors sometimes two or three at one time, that the younger ones are acting out of fear that they will lose theirs like the older one, so therefore better do it all before it is too late?-G

There are a multitude of reasons that one might attempt the referenced hairstyles. What if, for example, one was attacked by a group of miniature cartoon Asians with spiky yellow hair and fireballs? Having blue bangs, in that scenario, basically ensures victory. 
Or, say that you are prone to joining gatherings of tens of thousands. Let’s say you have medium length thin brown hair. When the newspaper publishes pictures of the backs of 8000 heads, you might not recognize yourself. If, however, you have very very tall maroon sections on the back of your head like a rooster, you can post the back of your head on your Facebook with confidence.
Fear of hair loss is probably a minor motivation, although Emperor Pokino might say differently.

BethC said...
ms sp,
i had an interesting dream: 
help me develop a "money matters american idol" program. this will be a huge hit! 
winners use their finances wisely for the grande prize.

That is not a very interesting dream. Try dreaming that you took a band of merry Chihuahuas on a cruise with Steven Seagal. Hijinks ensue. Give that a try.

Mommy Mere Pete said...

Why does Marcie always call Peppermint Patty "sir" in all the Peanuts cartoons?? 

How did Snoopy become the Red Baron??

This is a question that spans the ages, and wiser minds than mine (Socrates, Plato, Dr. Phil) have tried to answer it. I will defer to their wisdom.

Anonymous said...
SP - why is March 15th called the "ides of March" and what is an ide?

Ides are very similar to wides, but without the w. The ides of March are wides without w’s, from the month of March.


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