Thursday, March 25, 2010

i ain't dead

Junior stomped out of the house and kinda kicked at the grass, squishing his face up into a scowl.

"Now, son, what's got into you?" Grandma asked as she snapped peas into a old crockery bowl.

"Nothin" he said, sniffing hard into his shirt sleeve. "It's jist... why don't she blog? I'm here waitin and ain't nothin new for two days!"

Grandma set down her bowl and gazed out over the yard. She started to speak a couple times but couldn't seem to find the words.

"She's dead, ain't she? Tell me the truth."

Watery blue eyes snapped to attention, skewering him in her glare. "Naw, she ain't dead, ya fool kid! Maybe she's just takin a break, out to the airport without internet, or maybe the Edge network is down. Git on outta here before I put you to work, boy!"

"Fine. FINE! But if she don't blog tomorrow, I'm getting me on a bus and goin to find her."

"Fine, then. You do that. You do jist that."

Hey Junior, and everybody
I'm fine. I did stuff today, and somehow stayed off the internets until just now, which is highly unusual for me. So there you go.


  1. You are hilarious! Seriously, write some books!

  2. THAT is the good life. boo for the time-sucka!

  3. Very creative. Geeez I wish I still made time for my blog...


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