Friday, March 12, 2010

go on and shoot me

This is what is happening in my life, in no particular order: toddlers, not exercising, books, food, adoption. That's the majority of the pie chart, and thus, the basic topic repertoire around here.

Today, Han and Richy and I had physicals to determine if we, in fact, can walk independently, see down hallways and bend over enough to lift children. I gotta tell you, I think we nailed it.

It was a little funny, though. Somehow, we usually end up in extremely low-income areas when we do this kinda stuff... probably because we are low-income. So we went and they did the sliding scale and it was super cheap, which was awesome. But it's always a little funny to have dental work or medical exams or whatever in these places, because they are not so strict.

We had to kinda nudge them along to do all the tests on the paperwork, like requesting that, if they wouldn't mind, could they please inject us with tuberculosis? The TB test is some sort of rite of adoption passage, evidently. The MOG was more than a little concerned about the needle, and the fact that they were giving us tuberculosis to see if we have tuberculosis. None of the nurses seemed to know much about it, so I ended up googling it on the ol' iPhone and then we all felt better. We'll find out Monday if we have it, or have been exposed to it, besides the fact that they just shot us up with it.

We took the toddlers, because our appointments were scheduled for 9:45, 10:15 and 10:45 and it seemed like surely it would be a quick deal. Not so much... we were out by noon. It felt like a full 24 hours had passed waiting in there, and doing regular exorcisms on Toby and Brynn (this is a joke).

You know what's exciting, though? That's done! One step closer! :D

We are still raising money- we have a fantastic start but still need LOTS of help. The link to donate is over on the top left, or you can give us your email and we'll send you our mailing address.

Your weekend assignment: Submit your questions of a general and interesting nature to that bastion of wisdom, Ms. Smartypants! MSP will answer at some point on Monday, unless she is stricken with tuberculosis that she ASKED for. See some archives here!


  1. Could it be that if one older sister has limited hair and the two younger sisters keep doing weird stuff to their hair, Like making it stick up in places and cutting it weird and all kinds of colors sometimes two or three at one time, that the younger ones are acting out of fear that they will lose theirs like the older one, so therefore better do it all before it is too late?-G

  2. That was for Smarty pants by the way-G

  3. kc 38 and conroe 39 were close to same temp this morning. the weather guy kept saying it was some kind of "glitch"
    welcome spring break!

  4. ms sp,
    i had an interesting dream:
    help me develop a "money matters american idol" program. this will be a huge hit!
    winners use their finances wisely for the grande prize.

  5. Conroe 39
    kc 41
    Sunday am
    ok this is weird

  6. SP~

    Why does Marcie always call Peppermint Patty "sir" in all the Peanuts cartoons??

    How did Snoopy become the Red Baron??

  7. SP - why is March 15th called the "ides of March" and what is an ide?


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