Friday, March 26, 2010

Frikking Martha Stewart up in here

My tendency to take it pretty easy has been really challenged lately, by little people who can only hang out aimlessly so long before they get a little homicidal. That inspired the plan to get out in an official way twice a week, which is our Tuesday kid prayer meeting and Thursday story time. Now, if you are a type A, you're probably all like, you gotta be keeding me. You probably want to whack me with your wall-calendar filled with color-coded activities. Hey, chill with the hater-ade. This is asking a lot of me, already.

Up until the last couple of years, I had zero routine. Routines gave me hives. And R2 and I went along just fine, going somewhere, or not going somewhere, or eating breakfast at noon or shopping for hours, whatever. He just rolled. The new ones, not so much. Compared to everyone else's kids, they're very laid back and portable, and as babies they napped wherever we were. Now, though, they really need to take naps (at least Brynn does) and eat at approximately the same time every day, and then there's the ironclad bedtime. Plus, R2's in school now so he has to get ready at the same time every day. So with the two toddler-outings, my days are fairly predictable.

Still, though, the homicide. In an effort to take a bite out of crime, I have begun having "craft time". Not even, Type A's. What it means is I have a drawer and a half crammed full of construction paper and glue and pipe cleaner and beads and such. Once a day I put some stuff on the table and they go nuts. Their favorite thing is gluing. They use MASSIVE amounts of glue and stick various things on the page. Then they cut the edges off and maybe taste a little paint. So far, it's a great success.

A couple of days ago, we made sock puppets. Are you still reading this? Because this is awesome material. Anyways. The sock puppets were a Christmas present that came in a kit - all the pieces are there and then you look at the book and made which ones you want. We picked a turtle, but the colors weren't there, so we made a "racecar turtle". Hey, don't judge.

Today, everybody was home sick so we broke out the popsicle sticks and tried our first group craft-photo frames.
Painting was a big, big hit. They painted like mad-toddlers. Once the paint dried, we glued it all together to be a picture frame. Oh, except for Brynn. Brynn wants the opposite of whatever is going on. Glue my sticks. STOP STOP gluing my sticks! and so on. So we have 3 frames and 1 pile of wet, partially glued, partially painted sticks. I don't think I'm allowed to touch them, so there they sit.

In celebration of being all homeschool-momish today, I will probably lie around and read novels all day tomorrow as toddlers climb over me and elbow me in the spleen.


  1. Maybe some day your kids can come over to my house and we can make cookies. I'd like to see what Toby could do with my 300 dollar stand mixer, and Brynn would look lovely in an apron, being all domestic and stuff.

    And you and I could drink coke and keep them out of the oven.

  2. WOW!!! A DAILY craft time AND two outings a week! From one not-type-A to another...Impressive! Seriously, there really is nothing funnier than giving toddlers & preKs scissors and glue sticks and letting them have at it. Mostly, I'm laughing at myself for actually having given them SCISSSORS to cut their hair with & GLUE to gel what is left, but watching what they do with it (under supervision)is great! They are so creative! I love how their little minds work and how intensely they focus on what they are doing. Almost motivated to do something artsy-craftsy with my guys...maybe next week. =)

  3. I'm so proud of you Martha. Stand up and take a bow-G

  4. yesss.... this is what i DREAM about doing with my kids :)


  5. craft time with toddlers scares me.....and i don't even have any.


    Craft time was always my kids' favorite! Only once was it disastrous, and it was when J was about 6, and he was "sawing" a piece of yarn to cut it (with big people scissors)with the points pointing directly upward toward the ceiling, and when the yarn finally snapped in two, the scissori point closest to his face POKED HIM IN THE EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i heard him screme! ran in!!! almost passed out cause i knew what had happened (i had let him use the big people scissors and had actually witnessed him sawing the yarn! a bit earlier, although pointing more outward........

    long story - thankfully only minutes before this I had renounced the 'curse' I had constantly been saying and joking about "stop that or you'll poke yore eye out"... and I had actually joined all 3 kids together and felt strongly impressed to pray for their safety...

    and thankfully to the Lord of all eyeballs = the eye healed by the next morning! (pediatric opthomologist confirmed)

    Thank you Jess for sharing so much of your life with us... Sometimes us older mamas need to venture back in time to remember how our chillins made it through - andsometimes we just need a belly laugh :-)


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