Tuesday, March 2, 2010

details shmetails

The new drugs worked great. If you're just joining me, this is not a junkie review blog. I am just drugging my child. If you're just joining me, this is not a child abuse blog. (well, it depends on who you're asking. the kid thinks he's abused)

Anyways. He slept better. I set my alarm for every 4 hours and woke him up enough that he would be able to swallow, then squirted the meds down his poor little throat and went back to bed. So I feel somewhat rested, and he seems much happier.

I am a little void of interesting topics these days. I mean, to me, it's interesting that I made an appointment for all the grownups in my house to be fingerprinted ($52 each- ouch) and filled out child abuse checks for both Missouri and Texas, and made a stack of documents to be signed in front of a notary. But to you... hey- back over here! That's the way of it, though.

But let's say you've never adopted, and you want to know what it might look like. I'll tell you a little. First, we filled out a pre-application, which was about what you'd write for a credit card application, and mailed it in with $50. Then, we were approved to apply. We got 6 packets of documents and met with a social worker and adoption consultant for an hour or two, and talked about the basics of what kind of adoption we want and the process, and some of the financials.

Now, we're knee deep in that 6 packets of paperwork. I have sent off for various documents, like birth certificates, and made copies of lots of other ones, like our marriage license and drivers licenses and such. So, we wait. In the meanwhile, we have self-studies, which are exercises in introspection for 10+ pages, and our interracial questionnaire. We also have doctor's appointments, to ensure that we are healthy enough to have kids. If I get all the documents back in a few weeks, and have all our appointments, and so on, then I will need $1500 to turn in our application and begin our homestudy. For the homestudy, we'll pay about $600 up front and then another $500 or so in the middle.

So there you go, that's the beginning. At least, as far as I know. I feel so excited and so full of faith. It's just one of those things you know God is behind, and so there's no worry that it won't work out. It just will.

and now, some gratuitous cuteness, with pudding, on Toby's request.


  1. Can't you just call Randy and get a kid tomorrow? I thought they were supposed to be helping with this stuff...

  2. You know, i saw that picture, and i thought, do you know what gratuitous cuteness is missing from that picture? A puppy. Your kids need a puppy.


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