Saturday, November 12, 2005

plan for today

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Well, here we are again at the weekend. Generally pretty quiet on the
ol' blog over the weekend.

Today our plan is to move out most of our furniture and tear up the old
carpet to get ready for... dum dum dum dum.... the NEW carpet coming on
Monday! Hooray! Mine will be more of a supervisory role.
And then it's off to see Randy Travis in concert. We'll be hanging with
half of the Arberto family, Arb, Steph and Izzy as he is not yet

Richy loves Randy T's gospel albums... I think it's his Arkansas roots.
He is part Arkansian, part Danish. He and Rob find ol Randy very
soothing. Me, I have different roots. I like Aretha. And maybe if
Skynrd made a gospel album. Or something.

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