Friday, November 18, 2005

Big Paint Day! Need help!

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Hello all. I am hijacking the blog to make a fun ( I said FUN, F.U.N)
request. Jess and I need help painting our house. We are hoping to
have it done before thanksgiving. This Saturday (tommorow) at 10am
'till 3pm or so, we are painting the outside of the house. I need help
folks. I've done some of it, but it is depressing how slow of a
difference one person makes painting. I need available friends. The
few guys I have mentioned this too seem less than excited. So are
there any takers? We will FEED all guys (and girls) who can help.
Please let Jess know if you are coming. I will buy enough rollers
etc... Jessica and R2 will entertain families with their wit and
sharp humor. Thanks you so much! - love, Richy

*** dadgum hijackers***
If you haven't voted in the poll below, do so!- jess

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