Saturday, November 19, 2005


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Last night I rode in a wheelchair at IKEA. Did you know they have
wheelchairs everywhere? It's been a surprise to me. Anyhoo, it wasn't
any cool European wheelchair. Just your basic blue vinyl. Black wheels,
etc, etc. R2 has really been digging this wheelchair phase. He pushes
from behind, and R1 steers from the side. Sometimes R1 gets distracted
and R2 pushes me into things.
We got a new bedframe and some bedroom furniture.... and it was cheaper
than we expected! Ikea is already awesome prices, because everything is
Scandinavian and somehow they get it (whatever) into these little flat
boxes and you have to assemble it yourself. (In theory, the male member
of your house assembles... however I have assembled many a Scandivian
whatsit because I am tired of waiting)
Isn't that a happy thing when you get up there and it rings up LESS?
This is also a very happy thing because it is getting more and more
difficult to get my rotundity up off the mattress and springs on the
floor. Amusing to watch myself in the mirrored closet.

So that's it. The house will be painted today, the deck needs to be
stained but basically we are finished! Oh and this is such a cute
little place... I never knew it could be so pretty. Bring on the

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