Friday, November 4, 2005

Daylight Savings

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I don't care for this new schedule. It gets dark before I'm ready for
night. And it gets bright very very early. Almost as early as the
rooster over here thinks it should be. About 4 in the morning, our
rooster starts threatening the neighborhood. And then all the roosters
unite in hatred and call back and forth... "I could kill you if I
wasn't in this cage..", "Well, you should see how big my head ruff
is!", "Well, you should see how many fine lookin hens I got in here!"
and so forth.

Did you know Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings? Just the same
ol' schedule, year in and year out. Neither does Saskatchewan, but I
won't bring Canada into this. Arizona just said "No, thanks", and that
was that.
This is why the South fought and WON the War of Northern Aggression! So
we could choose, as a state, to make our own laws! So why is Texas, the
best and bravest state of all, taking this lying down? We could make
our own time zone and everybody would just have to DEAL with it.

But in the meantime, I will rise at 7 something because God turned on
the lights. Cruel.

Oh and on another note: You may notice in the sidebar a new link to All
Our Countdowns. Check it out! And you can read through yesterday's
second post to learn how to get your own countdown... or just ask.

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