Sunday, November 6, 2005

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Yesterday was a fun day. I made Richy pancakes and a ham and egg
omelette... my first. I can't say any of it looked so great, but he
said it tasted great. Me and eggs... not so much.
Visited Crystal and Randy- Richy's a dropper-inner... makes me nervous
but oh well.
We went to Lowe's and I rode in the wheelchair while we ordered and
paid for our new carpet... this place is going to be so nice! And we
emptied our savings but that's what we were saving for! So that was
really exciting!
Then off to Cinco where we used a gift certificate... you have to
understand that I think spending money is really stressful.... so free
things are the most fun ever!
THEN we went to Babies R Us and I rode in the wheelchair again and we
registered. Have to say there was a little more hostility about the
wheelchair there... All the women who are about 12 months pregnant were
questioning my wheelchair-worthiness... I could tell. Plus some people
park me in the middle of the aisle and take off.

It is still just sinking in that we're going to have a baby. Very
Then home home because I was sooooo tired.

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