Thursday, November 17, 2005


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The subject of Thanksgiving food has been on my mind for some time now.
I greatly anticipate the "feed" every year. Now, since I am a shrimp, I
am only capable of consuming bird-like amounts of food at a time.
However, the Yablonski feed is an all day affair and I can come and go
as I please....
The anomaly with me is, I don't like turkey. I repeat for those of you
who are re-reading that sentence, jaws gaping. I don't like turkey. It
is a dry and yet greasy tasteless bird. And - lest you cast aspersions
on Mama, the turkey cooker... I have had all kinds of turkey. Yes, I've
had cajun-injected. I have had deep-fried. I have had turkey bacon. If
someone could make a tasty turkey, I would have already tried it.
Thus... at Thanksgiving, I eat ham. I LOVE ham. If anyone asked me, I
would make our national bird a pig. With brown sugar.
The feast will be laid out... Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet
potatoes, cornbread stuffing, other corn-related items, broccoli and
green-bean based items, sometimes mac and cheese (with real cheese) ...
and over there... some strange looking but delicious cheesecake,
multiple pies with interesting crusts... (Yablonskis, with the
exception of Andy, generally are hit and miss on presentation...), a
slimy looking miserable dump cake from Mikey, brownies, cookies and
whatnot, and occasionally a fruit and creamy Jello thing. And a variety
of beverage. A virtual smorgasboard of off-brand soda, several gallons
of iced tea... etc.
What am I missing? My brain roams the virtual "table" and it seems like
I've done pretty well.

and now you have to wait 7 days.

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