Sunday, November 13, 2005

And fun was had by all

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Well, last night was the Randy Travis concert. Don't get me wrong.
There was some good singing and music. But when you grow up a Yablonski
and then marry a Rocker you have a little different idea of "concert".
But it was nice. We sat down and listened to the songs. And maybe
because I am a sinner, my favorite one was the country one he did....
Forever and Ever...
At one point I thought, this guy and Mick Jagger are probably the same
age. But this music is appropriate for a "seasoned" citizen to be
singing. No leather pants, no sticking out his tongue, etc. Just Shall
We Gather at the River and so forth.
Arberto had a good night. His friend from work came and agreed that
Richy's hair was thinner. And then when R & R played mini golf, Rob won
because of a stellar hole-in-one. Stephanie had managed to leave Izzy
with VG, so we talked about anything and everything, as usual.
Fun was had by all, but I walked too much and had contractions and am
now grounded from the barbecue at Sanctuary. Nuts.
You gotta know when to fold 'em.

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