Saturday, November 26, 2005

and.... it's over

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We had the Clark/Joy Thanksgiving yesterday.
I made my first turkey ever. It was, as expected, a dry yet greasy
tasteless bird. Nonetheless, it was enjoyed by all. Eva brought a ham,
and it was also enjoyed... and I got the leftovers, hee hee hee.
And the other T-giving fare.
It is amazing the exponential power of 2 two year olds. 1 two year old
was here on Thursday. She wreaked havoc. 2 two year olds were here
yesterday. Males. And while they did not terrorize R2, they did escape
the house at any (many) given moments. Many suicide attempts were made
by Caleb and Graceson... they were foiled by various relatives and
expressed great rage at being brought back in the house... It's just
amazing how much they accomplish. Multi-taskers, these boys.

Jade and Izzy are about 6 months old... they didn't do a whole lot.
Jade beamed upon us most of the day except for one extended napping
session... And Izzy kept his mommy very busy. Feeding him, bouncing
him, talking to him, changing positions, etc... Izzy has a pretty short
attention span.
And the big kids roamed the land and found reptiles and such.
And R2, who is neither big nor little, stayed pretty close to the food.
A boy after my own heart.

Now it is morning, and the rain is coming down on my tin roof. And I
just love it. Christmas is on the way!

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