Tuesday, November 1, 2005

November 1st

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It's November! Hooray! This year is rocketing past, and that's great
with me!
I have an ultrasound today... just a view from down under... probably
no pictures of the Tobester. And then I may turn the screws on the old
Board of Director to go order the carpet....
We should have this house completely finished in time for the Yablonski
Thanksgiving. And who knows what will happen there. Thanksgiving is
wilder than Christmas because at Christmas we have 3 activities.
Eating, singing and PRESENTS. At Thanksgiving we just have eating and
singing. Pretty much. There is pantomime, of sorts, dramatic
presentations and whatnot.
Next year we'll have a great crop of little people... Nini and R2, Kai
and Toby, and Shasbot Allen... so far. And the quads if they're born
yet. Babies change things. It's very interesting. Kai and Nini came to
the recording both nights and Kai seems to fit right in to the
Yablonski mold (God Help Us All if there is a mold). He does the baby
bobblehead big eyes and doesn't fall asleep until the volume has
exceeded decent levels....

Tomorrow is guy's day.... we'll see if they used up all their steam
last week...
Update in the afternoon. Later.

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