Friday, November 30, 2007

Miss me?

I didn't blog today... because I was a) busy and b) lazy. All congruent. Anyhoo.

Oh, and recovering. Because yesterday I took all the kidlets to Houston for R2's neurologist appointment. 45 minutes there, nearly 3 hours in the doctor's office, and an hour home. I need a vacation. Here's a little glimpse.

then today, I climbed in the dumpster (twice) to retrieve a cash gift card someone had accidentally thrown away, and then the letter with the activation code... I then defied the tacit order to skip Christmas and bought a tree, by myself, brought it home and set it up by myself. Because I am hardcore. And it's CHRISTMAS.

Smartypants wants to answer YOUR holiday tradition and etiquette questions! Make her day.


  1. you are officially amazing

    miss sp:
    how should one go about impressing children (and adults) that it is more blessed to give than to recieve?

  2. are you or any of your many fans aware of the mafia roots of the yablonskis?

  3. Mrs SP,

    In your humble opinion, is it true that the tradition of Christmas trees has roots in paganism?

  4. How is Christmas celebrated in Australia?

  5. Mrs Smarty P.,

    Is it proper etiquette to eat cranberry sauce with your hands?


  6. wondersifitsoktogobehindMOGsback&putupchristmastree



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