Wednesday, November 21, 2007



If I had to choose between Thanksgiving and Christmas as my favorite, it would be Christmas. But close... the presents put it over the top.

Thanksgiving is such a Yablonski thing... get together with all the family, or as much as you can assemble, bring some turkey and ham and stuffing and sweet potatoes with marshmallows and corn related food items and things with green beans (which I don't eat, but it's part of it), and rolls and so on and so forth. And the dessert table. And carbonated beverages.

And then you all sit in some semblance of a circle and go to the trough. And after you are eating, or before, or during, maybe someone will do a Russian dance. Maybe even with an apple in their mouth. And the jokes are flying. Maybe some sibling rivalry from New Jersey. Or a skit of some kind. And then some more ham, maybe.


i need to have
this moment here
to see that everything has not changed

i need to know
that you, and I
are strong and happy and close

i need to hear
you laugh and laugh
and see it all the way to your eyes

i know the truth
sometimes the tears
are close behind the joy

but if we can laugh together
we'll be okay


  1. isnt the russian dance a thanksgiving tradition in every home across america?!
    what throws it off is the apple in the mouth
    but that's kewl
    perhaps this year it should be a turkey leg in the mouth

  2. 所ジョージ

  3. Who speaks Japanese??

    Hey Jess! It looks like Bobby has a rolled up sock in his mouth. Hope it's a clean sock!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, since we have a bigger home now. Shannon’s parents and grandparents will get to our home this afternoon and stay till Friday. Shannon’s sister and two others are also joining us for Thursday. Good times should be had by all.

    I put some videos clips of Keith running around on my josharro blog.

    Click here for cutness.

  5. Boy oh boy! That Keith is growing fast. He certainly obeys well - hope it lasts throughout his growing up years!

  6. Humor -- Signs the Company May be Downsizing

    The traditional Thanksgiving Turkey consists of an egg and hatching instructions.

    You call in sick and personnel says, “That’s the spirit!”

    You notice the employee out-placement program consists of a copy of the want ads and a lottery ticket.

    Your new computer terminal says “Fisher Price” on it.

    The vacation schedule has a notation: “If you feel like staying longer, go for it!”

    Management is passing out “Two-Week Pins” honoring long-term employees.

    At quitting time no one says, “See you tomorrow!”

    You complain to personnel about longer hours, lower pay, less help, lack of benefits, and the they respond, “yeah, so what’s your point?”

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  9. I did not post that Japanese entry.

    I can't really read that much Japanese but the post mentions commercials, debut, albums, musical and bath. (I can read some of the nouns but can't put the sentences together. LOL.)

    So no idea what that means but thought you might want to know.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. "Imitate until you emulate;
    match and surpass those who launched you.
    It's the highest form of thankfulness."
    -- Mark Victor Hansen

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    look 4 it
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