Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Friday

In honor of Friday, I made fries today. Only they were baked.

Ms. Smartypants is the definitive voice on all things etiquett-al and political and social. Submit your questions from now until Monday morning and pray that you get an answer.

In other news, Richy's birthday is Monday. Sheesh. What do you get a guy that wants stuff only he can pick? A gift card, I guess. Lame. (I love gift cards, but for your spouse? not so much) And we're fasting sweets so no cake. He'll be 30. Weird. So, coincidentally, will Rob. This getting older thing is strange. You go along your whole life wanting to be older, and then all of the sudden, the crazy train picks up speed and there you go.


  1. Ahh youthful, so vital..., FIRST!

  2. Try 47................

    where did it all go.........

    what happened?

  3. Earlier this week someone requested a review on the movie "Bella." I just received an email from Lou Engle and The Call recommending it...

  4. I got that too, and then I went and watched the trailer. Now I want to see it.

  5. I want to gooooooooooooo home... but I am imprisoned in my cubicle, required to work for 45 more minutes. On Wednesday, my brain kept thinking it was Friday, so now I'm working on Sunday.

  6. It kind of quenches creativity for Smarypants questions when I think my good questions may not get answered. Is it possible that Smartypants could still try to answer questions later in the week that she doesn’t get to Monday?

  7. You could ask,"Dear Mrs. Smartypants, should I pre-order 20 or 40 Youth of Fountains CDs?"

  8. If the question fits, she won't acquit

  9. did ya miss me???

    i finally got wired up again

    pock pock...

  10. why oh why oh why was "one Touch" not included in the cd?
    will it be included on a future cd?(Andy wants to know)

    thanks for the "Bella" info

    AND, welcome to the neihborhood mpc

  11. anybody like free stuff?
    check out yahoo group, freecycle, for stuff people want to give or even stuff people want are posted. here's an example of a large item from today:

    hot tub is in good shape and gone to the 1st person who comes and gets it...
    We are in Bridgesotne on 2920
    seats 6 adults very good condition just no motor which needed to be
    upgraded anyway. This hot tub has had very little if any damage. Must
    see to beleive. It has always been covered and is in excellent
    condition. pls call 832-8756468 or e mil Nikkinunu22@ Again
    this is for free we just want someone to haul out.

  12. Mrs. SP,

    Is it really possible to love someone, but not like them?

    No Love Louie

  13. At what age should bed wetting stop? I worried...

    Pee Peeing in Pasadena

  14. How do you know when you have found "the one?"

  15. Dear Mrs. SP,

    When will I find my soulmate?

    Soulless in San Diego

  16. anonymous, quit being lame.


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