Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Toby is now taking a nap. I don't understand why I hear drums... but he is in his room with the door closed and I am not asking questions.

We are moving in a month. A month from yesterday, actually. Do you know... I have never lived away from my family. All my siblings have, at some point, but me, never. This is going to be weird. And I hope it's not incredibly lonely and sad.
You see, Yablonskis are in each other's business. It's not so much like you have your life and I have mine... unless you want it that way. And even then, somebody is going to know what you're up to or see your picture in the paper and then all the family will discuss your doings amongst themselves. But if it makes that family member feel better, whatever. Anyways. My point is, we're a close family. Different close than we used to be, but still close. What will that be like when I am in Missouri, of all places? I barely even consider Missouri a state.

Here's a blogsite I'm considering moving to. Go try it out.


  1. yeah
    i dont know if missouri is a state
    maybe a state of misery
    dont confess that
    i have heard its real purty up thar
    so explore
    have fun
    learn something about missouri

  2. hey

    i'm late, but i got here...


  3. i'm gonna quickly answer some questions sent my way, then hit the hay....

    pock pock

    cluck cluck

    jennifer, for preggo sickness, try to eat hard cheese every once in a while through the day and avoid chocolate milk!

    josh - the 25th - 29th looks good to us! would that work for you guys?

    jess - will miss you next month... i hope you keep posting to us poor ole texuns...


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