Monday, November 26, 2007

Toby can now open doors, and climb baby gates. I will never sleep again.

I generally put the boys to bed at 830-9. Then I eat and sew and read and talk to my husband until midnight-ish. Then I nurse Brynn 3 or 4 times overnight, and then the boys are awake by 8. That is not enough sleep. So the logical conclusion would be to go to bed earlier. But that's when I get to do fun mommy activities! Like eat without anyone putting their fingers in my sandwich!

I woke up grumpy. And Toby has been on a rampage all day.

Yeah, yeah... for this child I have prayed. And I am grateful. I am also grumpy. So there you go.

In other news, Thanksgiving was great. And we have 6 house possibilities... most with hardwood floors and fireplaces which is SO exciting.

Maybe I will eat now. Maybe Toby will take a nap. And maybe I'll find a million dollars.


  1. if you find a million dollars, can i have like twenty? there's something i want to get. =)

  2. who IS that anonomi? i'd ask for $1,000 if you find a million

    what do you do when you have a guitarist for a son who is determined to play LOUDLY with an amplifier his guitar riffs OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER?????

    is there some sort of rules about that?

    i know i need to not complain.... and not to criticize.... but, man.... i am so tired of the incessant whining of the electric strings!!!!! OVER AND OVER AND OVER

    is he trying to get a message through to me?

    i try to be nice and do other distracting things...and try to get him involved in other FUN things to do.... you know... laundry.... ha! even tempted him with putting up Christmas lights!

    i even have a roast beef dinner down here on the stove, ready to serve... but, no one is interested

    why do i try???

    Ms. Smarty Pants? Do you have any suggestions???

    I've thought of the Fuse Box out in the garage, but then every LED would have to be re-set....

    i DID do that once when he was on the computer for hours.... and what did i get for that? the microwave actually BROKE!

    so, what OTHER ideas do you have for peace and quiet in the home - oh thou who knows everything!!!


  3. enjoy it............

    This too shall pass and you will miss it.......BELIEVE ME...........

    Amp must be loud in order to properly appreciate the whining of the guitar strings.....repeating the same riff over and over.....

    make up some lyrics of your own..or
    wash dishes to the beat or .....
    get a wooden spoon and a pot and play drums with J guitar....

    but chill MOM and soak it up......

    these days are numbered.......

  4. Weird- I didn't see this post until this morning (Tuesday). I didn't show up checking the blog from work or home.

    In other news-- IT'S COLD! Not just outside, but in my building. My group had to move to a temp area for a month while some construction is done, but someone forgot to TURN THE HEAT ON.

    In other news- we bought a new Sony harddrive based digital video camera over the weekend. Richy in geeking over his iPhone, and me over the new digital cam.


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