Monday, November 19, 2007

all the way to crazy

Sorry, Josharoo. Your queries did not make the cut.

So we listed the Corolla on Craigslist... and immediately received 50 bazillion (with a "b") calls. And then these guys came and then we couldn't find the title. So all of us went to the tax office. Who said, the bank never gave us the title. To the bank, who said, the tax office are the ones and so on. So we're driving the poor buyer around everywhere trying to get our ducks in a row. Now, I am finally home and Richy and the guy are driving somewhere to do something blahbity blah.

In other news, I am going to be trying out some other blog sites, as many faithful readers have informed me they can no longer comment here... blogger has thrown them out. But first, go over to my picture blog and see if it lets you pariahs comment over there. That will be experiment ONE. Stay tuned!


  1. Not boycotted! Yipppeeee

  2. WHAT! no answers??? I'm home very sick today and was looking forward to some funny answers. Thanks.... for nothing!! = )

    What's the possibility that the commenting problems are just "user errors?"

  3. home sick again!

    Are you playing hookey?


    What kinda sick......


  4. bogus blogging found here

  5. I'm back at work today. Amazing what one day of R&R can do for you! I had over 100 temp Sunday night and felt very bad.

    Certainly wasn't dontwannagotoworkITUS. I would rather have been able to work. I got here to 25 emails that require a reply and 4 calls to return, along with work coming in today.


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