Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ah, the potty training. Ah. Back to that in mere moments.

The fast, is over. Long live meat and sweets. We prayed for Richy Tuesday night, and it was good. Really good. We didn't have a miraculous instant healing, but something definitely happened. So now we're just watching to see what God is up to.

The potty training has gone something like this. Toby, he is naked all the time. Can't keep a diaper on him. So I start the traditional approach of making him sit on the potty every 30 minutes. Nada. He prefers to pee on the carpet. So I give up. Onesies, backwards diapers, overalls... I haven't started duct tape yet. (yes, I'm serious). And somewhere along the way, he decides he will put his potty in front of the TV during Sesame Street and do some bizness. When I'm not even in there. And then he figures out if he tells me, he gets to flush the potty. So the pee marathon, it begins. We are flushing the potty literally almost constantly.
So I taught him how to climb up there and I'm out of a job. Now, if I can just figure out how to convince him to wear some undies... or pants. Shoot, a toga. Whatever. But stop the nudity. Please.


  1. Maybe could get Richard the first in some big boy underwear and then Tobias could be just like DADDY.......

    Maybe the problem is his role model needs to get a grip and put some pants on.........


    Maybe Richard should put away the boxers and show Toby how kool it is to wear these whitey tidies...

    Maybe you should check out a book
    a picture book on underwear..

    Maybe you should let TOBY choose between 2 or 3 packages of underwear.........purchase them..

    let him hold them in the car and wow over how cool they look in the package.........

    and then when you get the package and put them on.....

    and take a picture of him in his new undies.....not panties....undies....and talk about how big he is just like DADDY

  2. Sometimes I worry... what if VKG has no advice... what if I leave her speechless?

    Hasn't happened yet. ;)

  3. Ha Ha Ha..........

    Vkg wouldn't be Viking Granny then.

    Who would she be.....maybe a WALL flower or a shriveled up vine?


    O yea......cherios or fruit loops only the water........aim

    or you could let him and R2 pretend to have a water fight and chase each other around the house.

    This is a proven method....

    I haven't seen a pull up or diaper on either one of my boys to this day.

  4. visualizing R1 & Rob in a pull up or a diaper ......

    too much for my brain



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