Thursday, November 1, 2007



Today, I have been doing some very important research. The topic: can I paint a baby's fingernails?
I already know I can do toenails. (yawn) I have been doing that since she came home at less than 5 pounds. It is more challenging now, because she KICKS all the time, and yet less challenging because her toenails are actually visible.

What I have discovered: everybody has opinions and nobody knows anything. One comment I read said, "You should just get a Barbie!" Sheesh. And the general consensus is. no, you shouldn't paint them because you know, chemicals when she puts her hands in her mouth and so on. Which, duh. I have thought of that. But then I think, how many pounds of nail polish have I consumed in my life, biting the ol' metacarpal covers? Food for thought. (that was for you, Josh)

And okay, so she is tiny, and thus, the nail polish:person ratio is different. And I probably couldn't get it on her anyway. So I won't do it. But, since I have 30+ minutes to kill before my mommy lunch, why not read up?

And ear piercing.... maybe I should get a Barbie.


  1. "Food for thought" was for me?

    I think I use to say that sometimes.

    "Food for thought".... what a dumb phrase.

  2. the person who just ate a leftover chickensalad sandwich with clear mayo?November 1, 2007 at 12:30 PM

    how do you know when mayonnaise on your sandwich is bad?

  3. how does one know when sour cream goes bad?
    does it go sweet?
    does it turn green?
    mayo usually keeps sandwiches from going 'bad' because of the high acid or something in it
    unless the mayo was crusty & green with fuzzy stuff growing on it when you smeared it on your sandwich i would bet that the mayo is still just fine
    eat away
    but really . . .
    when does sour cream go bad?
    this is a dilemma for some.

  4. little b is so cute
    perhaps she wants to be natural like hippie chicks in times of yore
    sew some colorful beads on a cool hippie-like vest or better yet do some embroidery on her jeans
    and place a flower in her hair
    (i recommend a daisy)

  5. Bedste knows EVERYTHING.....just ask Mercy and wait....

    that was last year.....

    Just ask R2 and Caleb and Graceson

    they will tell you...Bedste knows EVERYTHING and Bedste is the Bedste.

    Paint one fingernail in the morning..obsess over seeing it dry..blow mommy air on it.

    THen.....after one more nail.......and blow..........

    do this a couple of hours apart and maybe by the end of 2007 you will have all her fingers and toes painted.....

    first one will be ready to repaint by then..........

    so....begin again!


    "I hunger and I thirst for YOU...just for YOU!" gave two co-workers who happened into my office at just the right time...

    GOOSEBUMPS....isn't that kool?

    Jessica singing the chorus got them.

    God is so awesome!

  6. FYI:
    "One Touch" better known as "I Want, I Need" didn't make the final project line-up...


    WHY............that was the best ever.....o what a shame......WHY?

    Good Grief.........cannot imagine the album without it.......
    good greif RICHARD!

    The song should be called ONE TOUCH

    Maybe that is why it didn't make the cut.......wrong title.....

    Dad GUMMIT.


  8. Should I pay now for my order of 20 CD's?

    O "One Touch" did not make the cut.. Maybe I should just get 19..


  9. i think everyone must be weaning themselves of the blog....

    anybody there?

    leah's message awesome tonight
    i want a recording of it

    remember, turn your clock back an hour tonight and enjoy that extree hour of sleep!!!

    yahoo! my favorite time of year!!!


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