Friday, November 16, 2007

and miles to go before I sleep

I am in charge of the housing search. You gotta be keeding me. I have to find a house to rent via the web. And pick it. Pick a list of 10, actually. And google map them to their proximity to the House of Prayer. And make some kind of plan involving calling realtors and arranging for them to meet the MOG on his 24 hour jaunt to KC.

This is flipping me out. I know I will pick all lemons, and he will fly all the way there and be like... "WHAT was she thinking?" And the realtors will be like, "Here's a place for 50 million dollars. All we got. Sorry." And so on.

I could do an apartment, easy. But we don't want an apartment. We have a recording studio in our bedroom. Not prime tenants, we.

So... I booked a flight. Found a couple places. Now I need a break. Maybe we'll go buy some Magic Undies for the Tobes.

Dame Smartypants was thrilled with the response for last weeks column. Well, thrilled with the questions. The response... not so much. BUT! excellent questions. Please submit your best and brightest today through Monday morning!


  1. jess, you are amazing!
    researching real estate and potty training at the same time

    random quotes:

    When you’re in deep water, the best thing to do is shut your mouth.

    Author unknown

    Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

    Jerry Garcia (1942-1995)


  2. he designed some really groovy ties for men

  3. jerry garcia had some insight man

  4. only God knows for sure
    God knows everything don't 'cha know

  5. perhaps while he was trippin'

  6. Madam SP,

    Things I have been pondering this week that I would like your smartyness on:

    Why does Donald Duck wear a towel when he comes out of the shower, when he doesn't usually even wear any pants?

    If The Flintstones were B.C. and before America, how can they have Flintstones Thanksgiving and Flintstones Christmas movies?

    And lastly,

    If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

    It's been a very busy day in Boeing Retirement... time to go home.

  7. u pee-ple are just too funnie

    potty training is a blurr to me

    jess - enjoy it while you are....

    you'll forget all about it in about 15 years...

    we're still unpacking and sorting and figuring out where things should our new abode...

    me and pappy are now sharing one bathroom, so that's been interesting... we have one huge closet... so, we're dividing it up and stating where things should go, etc.

    we have 2 sinks, thankfully.... but, the whole cabinet is about 6 inches lower than our last ones.... so, we are wondering WHY THE BUILDER OR PREVIOUS OWNER would build it that low - but then, i consider, possibly it's preparing us for wheelchair days... either that, or it's for people with osteporosis or....possibly for midgets...

    anyway, the bathroom cabinets are keep us strong in the backs.... each time we brush teeth, we are getting an abdominal and back muscle work-out...

    either that, or you get really good at spit-aiming....

    1 - 2 or 3 beautiful kittens... 6 weeks old ... two black ones, one with faint stripes in her blackness, one male black, and
    one gray, white and black striped male

    PLEASE - call and I'll deliver it/them WITH a bag of kitten food!!!

    i just now hear that Papa is going up to church to help put sound-system and platform back together after the concert/service. i hope it turned out well. sorry i did not attend ...

    j-bird and judah are here now and are actually quite pleasant and respectful and actually quite the growing up young persons... and i'm glad to be home when they are here - at this time in their lives

    ok - long enough post for now

    jess - did you get a realtor lined up???

  8. radiant cd release seems to have released the rain too.
    we got much needed soaking, and the grass looks better too.

  9. And years to go before I get to read an updated blog!

  10. Where is the "blog master" anyway?

    Running around after nekked boys is not a good enuf excuse!

    Looking for a home in another state is not a good enuf excuse!


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