Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The problem of disrobe-ament

This one might not make it past your internet filters. (by the way, if you don't have a filter, get one)

Nudity is the topic of the day. Specifically, toddler nudity. Toby has cast off restraint... I cannot keep him clothed. The trouble is, he's not even remotely potty-trained. This morning, he peed on the porch. Which, gotta admit, is better than the carpet. Except for the whole nekky outside thing.

Nekkid breakfast. Perp is nabbed and taken in for booking.

Perp resists arrest, have to apply the squeeze.

Diaper applied backwards for the confusion element.

Snapped into one piece garment, against his will.

Jeans on top, but without rehabilitation.... this kid will be back on the street, peeing, in no time.

Plan: buy a little potty today. Give it a whirl.


  1. happy reformation day!

  2. Hi all! I am at the church just finished with the food pantry. Not busy today only about 40 families, which is good because we didn't have much food after the 74 families we did last week. So I was just working on a flyer for my Thanksgiving orders.

    In case anyone is interested I am baking pies for thanksgiving, all pies are $15 and orders need to be in by Sunday, November 18th. If you need to order anything give me a call 936-524-4966.

  3. For Thanksgiving I make, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato (with our without pralines), Pecan, Fudge Pecan, Apple (dutch or double crust) pies, and Mocha chocolate bundt cake. I also can do any special request and if anyone needs anything in the mean time I am available anytime.

    I hope everyone is having a good day, I miss you guys now that I am not on the computer that much. They still have not figured out how to get the internet working at my house. Who knows maybe one of these days I will get it!!!

  4. So, Toby is going to the CTK Fall Festival as a streaker? That’s a cheep costume idea!

    Peeing on the porch. . . I can just imagine it!

    Pretty funny.

    And, I’ll probably listen to the CD sample this afternoon while doing some work.

  5. Wow, Toby has a full mouth of teeth. Keith got his two front lowers at 8 months, then 4 front uppers at 10 months. And now after 8 month with nothing new, he's busting molars on both sides. He’s been waking throughout the night for 5 days.

    He couldn’t handle his own low sleep schedule anymore and was totally falling asleep while eating dinner last night. We were trying to keep him awake so he could eat some, but he was zonking out. It’s pretty funny watching a toddler try to keep eating while his eyes are closed.

  6. sivadnorahs on the above

  7. I can remember when TD was looking into a frog hole & PD got mad that TD would not move so he could look into the hole, so he peed on the back of TD's head!

    That's little boys for ya!

  8. I remember Bobby and Richy chasing eachother all around the outside of the house.....about 2 years old.
    laughing and running and falling down and naked.......and peeing on eachother like water guns....and laughing and giggling and more chasing.

    Boys are a blast.

  9. Listening to the full stream of the wew CD on Radiant site.... is muay bueno! Will pre-order.

  10. yes, recording was great

    was sad when it ended


  11. No need to be sad........ORDER IT NOW and enjoy it 24/7 and hear it all full length and let it move you to radical worship and saturate your home with God's Prescence......

  12. How bout a POLL?

    Fav Youth of Fountains SONG..




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