Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We interrupt this blog

for a letter from Richy (the bigger one)

The Official on the Clarks Move

To our MCF family,

First of all, please forgive me for not writing an official letter sooner. I want to fill you in on all the exciting things that are happening with our family for ’08. I’m going to state these things from a very personal level, as I hope to answer some of the questions I’ve heard regarding these changes.

As many of you know, Jess and I lost our twins in 2004. Up until that time, I was fairly familiar with having a strong direction for my life in ministry, having served locally as a youth leader, then launching out with Radiant Ministry. After 2004, we felt God re-arranging things in our lives. We were to slow things down with Radiant and focus locally for a season, while still taking some ministry opportunities abroad. We helped with several prayer initiatives, and spent a year doing the Rad Rev outreach at Sanctuary Church. I am very encouraged to see the Holy Spirit emphasizing prayer through MCF, and am personally confident that many things have been set in place, by God, for a sustained manifestation of Himself in Montgomery Co! (as the Lord would have it) Also, Charles has launched his Friday outreach at Sanctuary to the college age, which is going well, and giving many young people an opportunity to serve and grow in their walks with God.

For the last few years, I’ve been receiving many words and dreams regarding the Lord bringing us through a season of discipline and training, for future ministry. Much of these past 3 years have been that, including 1 year spent back in the “normal” workforce! Jess and I have been through, what many ministers know as, a “stripping process.” This is where we get to see what we are made of! Not fun, but necessary for all of us who want to go strong for God!

Hos. 6:1-3 says,
“Come, and let us return to the LORD; For He has torn, but He will heal us;
He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up, That we may live in His sight.
Let us know, Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain…”

The third day (year) is here for Jess and I, it’s resurrection time! I believe the Lord has knit our hearts together with the MCF congregations through all of these trials Jess and I have been through,. The prayer support of our church family has been an exceedingly great comfort and I believe will bear much fruit for the kingdom through our lives and our children! I have learned a lot about leaning and being carried these last few years. This is true “body life,” as the Scripture states ”bearing one another's burdens.” I do not believe this bond has to change, no matter what venture our Father has for the Clark family, and I hope to stay knit together in love.
During our trip to Nashville 7/7/7, Jess and I felt strongly impressed to spend a season in Kansas City, with the IHOP and Call ministries. This truly came as a “left field” impression, and was confirmed by several influential people in our lives, even during the trip. Looking back, Jess discovered multiple dreams in my dream journal about a time in Kansas City, including one she had. (Though I’ve always interpreted them differently, as many times man does.) After a few weeks of prayer and some counsel, …and a few more dreams during this time; we made the decision to go with, what we are convinced, is God’s plan for a season. We view this as not only a special ministry assignment, but a time for Jess and I to get “filled” with the heart and vision God has for our lives. (We’ve been torn, but now comes the rain) We will be serving this season as missionaries in the house of prayer, and volunteering our time to the Call as well. This is a very uncomfortable place for me, as I am familiar with a full time worship / preaching ministry, but not this! I could see God, if He wills, using our time in KC to even bless Montgomery County! Oh God is so much bigger than us! Jess and I will be raising $2000.00 in monthly support beginning in December. We would love for our friends and family to partner with us for God’s kingdom purposes.

Trials tend to cause the natural man to recoil into himself. I feel like our church family has been so gracious to us during this great season of trial. “Each man’s work will be tested by fire.” I know by the grace of God that he is making us into humble, selfless servants who will live every moment in love. May His kingdom come! “We will all be changed!”

- Richy Clark and family
We are starting a new prayer and financial support page under
http://www.richyclark.com which will have updates and online support!

Also, I excited about our new CD! Check out a sample at http://www.radiantworship.com Much love -R


  1. Note to self: quiet does not mean quietly watching Sesame Street. Quiet means taking off your pjs and your diaper and peeing on the carpet. End note.

  2. who knew quiet could have so much meaning?

    that's like when you hear someone interpreting a speech or a sermon or something. the guy in english says, "Jesus wept." and the interpreter goes on for 15 minutes.

    who would've known about the peeing on the carpet part? that's amazing!

  3. quiet can also mean taking off diaper & making poo on carpet
    then becoming quite fascinated with the poo & putting little hands into the poo & painting on the walls with it
    this takes alot of quietness

  4. How are you doing this morning? It's a wonderful day to be a child of God. This morning's devotional is short but impacting. As your day unfolds, I would like to sow a word into your spirit. Throughout today, I encourage you to declare these words, "Healed of the Lord!" The Bible declares in 3 John 1:2 - Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. Many Believers are experiencing challenges within their bodies. Many Believers have received negative reports from their doctors, have lost their supporting cast and have been left for dead. However, I have been commissioned to come and inform you that the Lord has not forgotten about you. He has heard your cry (Psalms 40:1). He has noticed your tears (Psalms 126:5). He has felt your pain. He has watched the disbelief of others. But, Beloved, you are ...

    "Healed of the Lord!"

    Walk in it today.

    Declare it today.

    Continuously recite it today.

    Believe it today.

    Live it today.

    The Bible declares in Proverbs 16:24 - Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Child of God, if no one else believes, never allow your words to speak anything less than healing and wholeness.

    Scripture Reading for Today: Isaiah 53:5

    May God Bless you at Your point of need!

  5. Oooooooooo my heart misses you already......BUT GOD!

    I am so excited about what GOD is doing......

  6. Oooooooooo my heart misses you already......BUT GOD!

    I am so excited about what GOD is doing......

  7. Hey,
    I've been reading, but have been very busy the last couple days. I had a person from Hewitt sitting with me today to learn what we do. Interesting being on this side of the Hewitt coin now. Good letter from Richy. I haven't listened to the CD sample yet, probably will Friday.

    Later days....

  8. Oh, and Keith is teething like a mad man at night, so we're low on sleep too. He's getting his first new teeth in 8 months.

  9. Friday? Are you nuts? Hurry up and listen!

  10. Honestly........the best ever.

    For Real........Not just cuz I am a MOB........

    This really is the best!

    Hey JOSH........today is WEDNESDAY!

    Just go ahead and order it....


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