Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back in the saddle

YAY! Fast internet.... zoooom

We moved into the new place Sunday. Unbelievable. We threw away and donated a 1 car garage full of stuff. And we still have too much for this apartment and almost half of Rob's garage. What is all this stuff? And why, when I look around, do I need all of it? Do you know what I mean? It's not like I can readily spot superflous belongings. It's all my stuff. And I want it.

And then this other part of me wants to just leave everything and start from scratch. But that costs money... I mean, we'd have to buy more couches and dishes and shoes... and DVDs and paper and instruments.

What do we really need anyway? When did I become dependent on SO much?? Just percolating.

So anyway, last night was Simplify's 80's party. We were awesome, but I can't upload pics yet. This is a cute little apartment. I like it. It's funny thinking we'll only be here 3 months. Kinda makes it a hotel. Kinda.


  1. i think that all of your desire for less is exciting.

    when my house burned down, and everything that i owned existed with room to spare, in the trunk of my car, it was actually kind of a relief.

    could never lose anything. it was all right there.


  2. less is more
    i need it

  3. selective, voluntary reduction is preferrable
    give it away

  4. moving helps motivate the process

  5. the most peaceful times i've had in my life were when i was living in temporarily places... where i didn't have hardly anything....

    it's when we accumlate a bunch of STUFF when we get worn out just looking at it...

    we're moving in - closer to our jobs and the church - and closer to the beaten path between CTK and The Woodlands/ so that we can have more time to be US at home - and have people over and share meals together with YOU!

  6. have we heard from josh and shannon?

    how's ruby joy?

    anyone go to church tonight?

    i ended up at doctor today - upper respiratory infx that's been going on for over 8 days!!! waking up in the night choking!!!

    my grandmother still needs prayer... Nannaw is not getting better... she is fighting an infx and also her kidneys are not doing well - her creatinine level keeps going up, which means those kidneys are not doing their job... please pray for Nannaw. i don't want to lose her any time soon...

  7. Sorry you are sick again Pam!

    Is it all those people at the hospital or what?

    Ruby JOY JOY is the sweetest most preciouse little angel pie 2 week old in the entire WORLD! She now looks like Graceson......everyone has been saying that and I have been disagreeing.....but NOW they are correctomundo.....

    She has lost some of the puffy baby face and gained up to 9.9...

    That is awesome.....She still has some of her red blotches but they are fading fast......She is a real doll baby.....and she cries so sweet.

    I am sure that Jess will have recent photos of the newest Clarky somewhere soon...

    Hey Pam....did you click on the click it>? Surely she is preciouse

  8. Eva asked me to do a “click here” spot for a video, so click here.

    12:24 AM, October 03, 2007

    DAD GUMMIT.....

    Well.....MamaPC look on yesterdays comments at 12:24 from Josharooniola and then "click" on the click it ......and tell me what you think about them there apples?

  9. Hey Josh////////

    It is past 8p TxTime......wassup?

    How is Shannon?

    We are praying...

  10. SHURELY???


    Children are such blessings!!!

    They say the cutest things..

    I'm reminded of when Lindsey was 18 months old and I was humogomoosemo huge with Hannah bee resting inside me... and Lindsey was drawing the cutest little squiggly things... with eyes and mouths... little worms...

    anyway, she named them "snugglebums" now, where did she come up with that term?

    and J invented "flossing your toes" as he flossed my socks through my toes...

    must go to zzz-land - my head is hitting the desk....

  11. Sorry for the late update, it’s been a long day.

    Shannon miscarried around 3:30 AM today. Her bleeding was very heavy, we got our midwife on the phone, and were about to go to the ER. Then, she expelled a large amount, and her bleeding stopped completely, so we did not have to go to the ER in the middle of the night (glad for that!). She rested most of the day today while I took care of Keith. We still had the ultrasound so they could confirm if she expelled everything. It looks like she has. Physically, Shannon is feeling fairly good now, but a little weak. I’m taking another day off so she can recover more. Emotionally, we’re up and down, and very sad. Yesterday also was the due date of baby she miscarried in February.

    Shannon was technically 11 weeks pregnant, but from the looks of the sac of fluid, our midwife thinks we lost the baby around 5 weeks, but her body continued to carry it and progress. Our midwife said this is pretty common.

    Please continue to pray for Shannon’s health, and for the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


  12. My heart aches for you two...

    God has HIS arms wrapped around you both.

    I am so so sorry..........


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